Whoa there, it’s been a while. Who is that girl?

Who’s a total slacker? This girl is.

It feels like a lifetime since I last updated this blog. Looking at my last entry, turns out that’s because it has, in fact, been a lifetime. I’ve been thinking about this little blog a lot, thinking about how nice it would be blog about this and that, but somehow, I never had the time, inspiration, patience, time, wit, time, energy, time, time and time to update it. Excuses, excuses.

A lot of really big things happened since October 2012 and looking back, I wish I would have documented them better. Woe is me. I’m setting myself the goal to update more frequently again. In the meantime, a quick recap of what happened.


3/2/13: ToughMudder Florida. Go Team Avengerz!

The ToughMudder was probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life. I let my workout crew & dear friends talk me into joining the team (Team Avengerz) and despite my concerns, I was successful and had a fun time. We completed about 10 miles, overcame a bunch of obstacles and certainly met our limits. (Hey self, remember, you’re terrified of heights? I don’t think you want to jump down into that little muddy pond – good luck trying!) Somehow, I even let myself be talked into doing another one.

Full recap at my old Tumblr here. Some more pictures here.

ING NYC Marathon


Proud ING NYC Marathon finisher.

Proud ING NYC Marathon finisher.

ING NYC Marathon medal.

ING NYC Marathon medal.

While living in New York, I took 2012 to qualify for the ING NYC Marathon and finally in November 2014 the dream came true. I was going to run 26.2 miles through the five boroughs. I’d trained so hard for the race that I felt like nothing could stop me. I did incredibly well during the actual marathon and not only managed to finish without having to take walk breaks (except for water stations), but I also managed to finish under my goal time of 4:35. I was ecstatic. Recap & report from the race expo (I met Bart Yasso!) and actual race recap. It also turns out that I’m hooked on marathon running: next race Munich 2014.

Healthy living

Another big change in my life was my health has getting worse and better and worse again and better again and now it’s somewhere in between. I’m mostly talking about my mental health and my obsessive dieting, binge eating and purging. I used to be a big girl, who lost a bunch of weight, didn’t reach goal, became obsessive and ultimately got herself an eating disorder. I’m currently in treatment to overcome said problems and learn to love my body the way it is. It’s a really long and sad story for another day. I have my ups and downs, but I’m trying to take every day as it comes.

A big move

Probably the most drastic change within the last few months is my relocation across the Big Pond. The last time I updated this blog, I called New York City my home. A city I still love dearly. But unfortunately, the two of us were no longer compatible. We just weren’t meant to be in the long run. My reasons for moving were mostly driven by career choices and the lack of perspective I was faced with in New York. New York is beautiful. And she’s exciting. She’s full of opportunities and chances. But she’s also competitive and expensive and if you know that no matter what, your company is just not going to promote you because they know they can get away with pushing you around, then maybe all the love you have for New York cannot be enough. It was a tough decision to leave the city and most importantly, to leave my friends. But there was a job at home that was so good, I would have been stupid to pass it up. There was also a new chance, a fresh start and the closeness to my family.

I moved to Munich in November of 2013 and so far, I’ve been loving it. If not for the fact that I now get at least a 1 bedroom for the rent I paid in a shared apartment in New York.

First breakfast at the new apartment.

First breakfast at the new apartment.


OMG, you’re going to get tired of this real quick. But I’ve got the CrossFit bug. I talk about it a lot. I’d apologize and feel sorry, but the thing is, I don’t feel sorry. That’s part of the whole cult, eh?

I’ve been CrossFitting since December 2013. The box (fancy CrossFit-speak for gym) I go to is CrossFit EO. I’m still learning a lot of technique, building strength and – quite frankly – I still suck at a lot of things, but I’m getting there. My enemy is the pull-up. You’ll hear me talk a lot about pull-ups too.


So that’s what’s been new with me. I’m hoping I won’t let another 1.5 years pass till the next update. Just throw a kettlebell at me if I do. 16 kilos. Women’s standard weight.


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