CrossFit goes Bergln

One of the reasons for picking Munich when I decided to relocate to Germany was the combination of big city + varied surroundings. You’ve got the Alps. You’ve got the lakes. You’ve got the River Isar. You’ve got the city and its beautiful parks. To me, Munich is pretty much a paradise for outdoor activities. Swimming, biking, rafting, canoeing, running, kayaking, skiing, sailing, climbing, surfing and, of course, hiking.

Last weekend, I went on my very first hiking tour with some of the guys and gals from my CrossFit box. Vroni, one of our coaches is also a certified hiking guide, so when she told us to grab our boots, I didn’t hesitate. Our tour took us from Schliersee to Tegernsee, two lakes south of Munich. The route we took, included a stop at the Baumgartenschneid, a 1,448 meter high mountain.

We started off in the small town of Schliersee, which lies at approximately 785 m altitude and is very easy to reach by train from Munich. At the beginning of the tour, Vroni split us into 4 teams and tasked us to take a CrossFit + hiking related group picture by the time we reached our destination Tegernsee. If we failed, we’d be facing penalty burpees at the train station. Challenge accepted! We were a group of 13 people, some I knew, some I didn’t.


(c) CrossFit EO

Throughout the day, we did several team building exercises and had a ton of fun. We did squats up the mountain, guided each other (one person was “blind”, the other directed them), we threw in some burpees. And we laughed a lot.

The first leg of the tour from Schliersee to the summit cross of the Baumgartenschneid took us a little under 3 hours. We covered about 700 m of elevation gain.

Hike from Schliersee to Baumgartenscheid.

Hike from Schliersee to Baumgartenscheid.

Once we made it to the chilly top and saw the stunning view, we knew it was definitely worth it.

View over the Tegernsee from the top.

View over the Tegernsee from the top.

The gals taking a well deserved rest.

The gals taking a well deserved rest.

Summit Cross.

Summit Cross.

View from the Baumgartenschneid.

View from the Baumgartenschneid.

Just a tad chilly. (c) CrossFit EO

We sat for a while, enjoyed a snack, before we took off for our next destination, the Galauner Alm. Historically, an Alm used to be a very simple hut in the mountains that was used to provide housing for herders while they spent summers watching cattle. Nowadays, many an Alm has been transformed into touristy lodgings and restaurants to cater to hikers and mountain bikers.

Hike Part 2

Hike from the Baumgartenschneid to the Galauner Alm.

Hike Part 3

Final part: from the Alm to the train station Tegernsee.

The 2nd and 3rd legs took us 1 hour 5 minutes and 1 hour 6 minutes respectively. During the 2nd leg, we stopped at the Riedersteinkapelle, a picturesque chapel towering above the Alm. We took our time for lunch and beer at the Alm. Against all odds, we had lucked out with the weather and the rain that still had been predicted at the beginning of the week never came. Instead, we saw clear skies and sunshine with just a bit of wind at the summit. After we’d had our lunches and beers, my group decided to finally take our picture. We bear crawled up the mountain. I can’t wait to see the picture!

At the end of the day, we’d hiked 15 kilometers (a little under 10 miles) in about 5 hours. We took the train from Tegernsee back to Munich, after a long and fun-filled day. Being relatively new to the city and the box, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend the day with some of my fellow CrossFitters and get to chat outside of the box. I can’t wait for our next hike in a couple of weeks.


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