Marathon Training. Week 15.

After kicking off training for the Munich marathon last week, today saw the final run of week 15, my second week on the training plan. I was faced with several challenges, mostly having to manage my busier than usual schedule and business travels, so I’m extremely proud of having completed all workouts. Not quite as prescribed (RX’ed as we say at CrossFit *g*), but I didn’t skip any workouts. I’ll count this as a win.

Like last week, my first run was the track session. As I mentioned, track is my least favorite workout, so I want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. I was traveling for business on Monday and Tuesday and the original plan was to do the workout on Tuesday before my business meeting. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I’m staying at the hotel in Frankfurt, I can’t seem to motivate myself to run in the morning. The hotel doesn’t have a gym/treadmill, but it’s close to the river which actually provides a nice, car-free running path. I struggle with insomnia, but something about being away from my own bed and usual surroundings makes me sleep like a log every time. I generally don’t get this much and good sleep that I almost automatically hit the snooze button until I have to get up and get ready for work. Staying up late to watch the extra time of the Germany – France football match for sure didn’t help either.

Anyway. Tuesday didn’t happen, so Wednesday it had to be. The workout in itself seemed a lot more doable than last week. Mostly because the total sprinting distance was about 1.6k less. That makes a big difference. I was scheduled for 4×800 with 2 minutes of recovery in between. Generally, I prefer distance recovery intervals (RI) because you can “cheat”. I generally walk during my RIs and I feel like I’m not recovering as fast as I should, I’ll just walk a little slower still. But if 2 minutes are up, they’re up. And you better leg it.

The first 2 800s felt challenging but I wasn’t at a point yet where I felt like I was unable to continue. Unlike last week, where I felt hopeless already during the first interval. I gutted out 2 more and managed to complete the workout just fine! I hit all target paces, except for the 3rd interval – I was 3 seconds too slow, but then 6 too fast during the last interval. After the last repeat, I felt nauseous to the point where I thought I was going to throw up. Guess I ran the intervals hard enough? After completing the 4th and final interval I know I wouldn’t have been able to run one more. But I did complete them all as scheduled – a great confidence boost after last week.

Because I’ve had to rearrange my schedule, I had to complete the 2nd workout already on the next day. I had less than 24 hours of recovery in between, a far cry from the recommended 48 hours. I felt it in every single one of my muscle fibers. I was scheduled for a 1.5k warm-up, 8k tempo, finishing off with 1.5k cool down. I usually love tempo runs, but this one was challenging. It didn’t help that I was working from home that day and only could run during my lunch break. It felt very hot and despite bringing water, I felt extremely dehydrated.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of my Garmin’s GPS data and pace calculations. I had to take several walk breaks during the 8k tempo interval and yet I hit the target pace. Mapping out the course in Google Maps, it even told me that Garmin had cut me short by about 500ms. Either way, I completed the workout nearly as scheduled, so I’m not complaining.

And then finally today the LSD (long slow distance) of 14.5k. It was extremely hot outside when I took off (26°C/80°F), so I decided to ignore the pace goal and let the heat determine the pace. My body always has a bit of an issue when it comes to adjusting to workouts in the heat, so I wasn’t going to kill myself over it. I was a good amount slower than scheduled. Still slower than scheduled even when I take into account that my Garmin was off by almost 1 km. I had to take several walk breaks because it was just so hot. I was so badly dehydrated, despite generally drinking a lot throughout the day and carrying a water bottle that I refilled. At one point I realized that I was barely sweating. There was no water left in my body to sweat out. Or at least that’s how it felt. I gutted it out, but it wasn’t a pretty run.

Week 15 MUC Marathon training conclusion:

  • Track (10 – 20 min warm-up, 4x800m, 2 min RI, 10 min cool-down): Tough, but doable. Hit all target paces, but definitely felt like I reached my limits. Great, confidence-boosting run
  • Tempo (1.5k easy, 8k tempo, 1.5k easy): Went into this run exhausted and felt it. Big struggle, but pushed through and met target pace, despite taking walk breaks. Second-guessing accuracy of data
  • LSD (14.5k): Weakest run of the week. Suffering from the weather and tired hamstrings and quads. Didn’t push 100%. Take away: increase already high water intake even more, especially day before the LSD. Apart from water, fueling not an issue.
  • Total weekly distance: 33.39km
  • Total weekly time: 3:53:26
  • Crosstraining & rest: 1 CrossFit session, 2 very light strength sessions (mostly bodyweight, around 30 minutes each), 67km biked; 1 rest day
  • Feeling: overall feeling good and proud for sticking to my schedule despite this week’s challenges. Running on two consecutive days should be avoided. Drink more water. Nervous about next week.

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