Wrong side of the bed

Do you know that feeling when you can tell the second your alarm goes off that it’s going to be an awful day?

I had one of those days today. I felt sluggish and exhausted when I got up. I wished I could turn around and sleep for another few hours after having slept way too little the night before. I came back home late from business travels and by the time I had managed to unwind, it was past 11. Way too late for somebody who rises at 5:30 to make it for a CrossFit class at 7.

But what can you do? A class is a class and if you signed up, you better go.

I schlepped myself to CrossFit, but continued feeling sluggish and didn’t wake up fully. I was pretty upset with my workout. Back squats. 5 x 5. Usually, I love doing back squats. Last time I did them, I PRed! Now, you’re going to say rightfully, “but you can’t expect to PR every time you do an exercise, even as a new CrossFitter.” And no, I wasn’t expecting another PR. We did front squats on Monday (I PRed, but I hadn’t done front squats in a really long time), which went well. So while I wasn’t expecting a PR, I was expecting to feel just a little bit more comfortable with the weight I had last PRed in.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t. I did my first set with 35 kg, felt good, moved up to 40kg, still felt good, became a little aggressive and moved up to 50kg – 5kg under my PR. This is where things got nasty. My movements were sloppy (always them damn knees!), my range of motion was awful. [I have fantastic mobility and comfortably do a very low squat. I just couldn’t with this weight.] I’m not sure whether it was my form that day, whether the last PR was just pure luck or, I don’t know. I did three reps of my 4th set with 55kg – my PB – before the coach asked me to take off some weight. Man, was I annoyed with myself. I finished my set at 45 kg and then did another set with 45kg and good technique, but yes, still. I was upset at performing so poorly today.

I was almost happy once we moved on to the next part of the class because the humiliation of back squats was over. [I was the only girl at class today. All the boys used craaaaaaaazy weights. And yes, while I know that I can’t compare myself to guys, I still felt like a ridiculous weakling.] I was almost happy once moved to a bit of theoretical practice. Almost. Because.

Handstand push-ups. Fucking handstand push-ups. I’m awful at handstand. I’m awful at push-ups. Now guess what…

We started with practicing on a box (this is where I stayed because I was neither physically and mentally in the game), while the guys practiced kipping HSPUs. [Kipping refers to the motion of pulling your knees to your chest, resting your bootie against the wall and then using the combined force of thrusting your legs up and straightening your arms to move back into an extended position.] I didn’t have a great class yesterday, but that’s all right. You need to be reminded of your weaknesses for you to know what you need to focus on. I grabbed my stuff, headed to work and thought my day could only get better. Oh, you little fool, you!


Just when I thought my day couldn’t get worse, I had a bike accident. A fucking bike accident!

I was almost at work, riding on the bike path, when it was blocked by one of the city’s cleaning trucks. (The city operates little cars that are only a bit bigger than a golf cart, that’ll sweep the sidewalks and streets.) I can’t remember whether it honked at me, whether I was surprised to see it there or whether I just completely blanked. The entire bike path was blocked, but the sidewalk for pedestrians was wide open, so I pulled to the side to move around the truck.

Or so I thought.

My tires got caught in the curb while I could see myself fall in slow motion. It was almost as if I watched somebody else do it. I didn’t register at first what just happened. Only that I was on the ground, under my bike and that I was in pain. A bunch of other cyclists stopped right away and asked whether I was ok. One woman helped me up and eventually, I found my way to work.

I did a quick assessment after some clean-up and thankfully realized that nothing was seriously hurt. My knee is really sore and swollen. But nothing’s broken.

Needless to say that my tempo run was canceled this week. I was supposed to go yesterday or alternatively, run easy today, but neither seemed like a good idea. I might be testing the knee for the LSD tomorrow, 17.5k at snail’s pace. Let’s see how the knee will feel.


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