Project Ink

So, I really love tattoos. I think there is something beautiful about a tasteful, artistic tattoo. Sure, there’s a lot of crap designs and crap artists out there, but if you chose wisely, a tattoo can turn out ridiculously gorgeous! I love looking at pictures of tattooed people (especially women) and whenever I see strangers, a pretty tattoo is one of the first things I notice.

I’ve been meaning to get another tattoo for a while, but couldn’t decide what to get and where – both on my body and at which studio. Until very recently, I had 4 tattoos: an old Celtic tribal on my right ankle (I might get a cover up for that one), a star on my back, a flower on my foot and a fairly large birdcage & bird tattoo on my thigh & side.

I sort of wanted a lion on my forearm (I still do!), but then I stumbled across a tattoo of a hippo and I knew I needed to have something like it. See, it’s not just hippo. It’s the hippo.

I enjoy going to art museums and looking at the various objects at display. One of my favorite museums will always be the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. I love it so much that I was a member the entire time while living in New York. A dorky friend of mine also used to be a member and the great thing about memberships is that you can go for free as often as you like. We had our fair share of field trips to the Met – one of my fondest New York memories and for sure one of the things I miss most about the city. Both the museum and the dorky company.

Dork friend and I were in agreement that the Met’s best piece is a little state called Hippopotamus – or – William, as he’s nicknamed. Dork friend and I would make sure to visit William each time we went to the Met to say hello and chat for a bit. I’m sure William loved our visits just as much as we did.

So when I saw the tattoo of a hippo, the tattoo of William, I knew this is what I needed.

I did some research and eventually settled for Traitor’s Island tattoo here in Munich. After an initial meeting with my artist, Michi, I knew he was a great fit. Upon receiving the final design, I could barely wait for our first appointment. Since the tattoo was going on my ribcage – extremely painful, I had been warned – I came prepared with a numbing balm. I was very skeptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t notice I was being tattooed for the first 45 minutes, except for the vibration against my skin and the pressure of my artist’s hands on my body. I was not in pain at all. Only during the second hour, when the salve started wearing off, did I start feeling uncomfortable. We got the outlines done and then decided to break and let the skin heal. I have another appointment in October to get the coloring done and as you can imagine, I barely can wait!

Hippo Tattoo

William on my rib cage, right after we were done. The tattoo has healed nicely ever since.


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