There’s a reason they tell you not to do the same lift two days in a row…

Hey, remember how pretty much every piece of exercise literature you pick up advises you to not work the same muscle groups two days in a row? Guess what?! There’s a reason for that!

Since I can’t run as much as I should these days, I’ve retreated to my CrossFit box’s OpenGym sessions where you can come in and do your own thing. For me, doing my own thing meant: rowing. Fun, fun, not. If I were a dude, I’d now make a joke about the numerous blisters on my hands and how that’s impractical. Anyway. In order to sweeten the deal for myself, I allowed myself to work on a few lifts before I’d hit the rower.

I mostly focused on lifts where I feel confident with the technique and where I don’t need a spotter. The first time, I PRed my power cleans. The second time, I PRed the shit out of my deadlifts – which, quite frankly – was fairly easy because it’d been a very long time since I’d last done deadlifts. We use BeyondTheWhiteboard as a tracking tool at our box where you log your workouts (barbel loads, reps, times, etc.) and then you can measure yourself against others (both from your own or any other box that’s signed up). The site also allows you to keep track of your improvements.

BeyondTheWhiteboard analyzes the amount of weight you use and gives you a score. Mine was awful for the deadlift. So awful, it hurt me to look at that number. It was well below the levels for my other lifts and as a result, it was pulling my overall score down. (I’m competitive against myself – what can I say!) The thing that annoyed me the most, though, was that even when I did that last deadlift workout that resulted in the poor score, I noted that I totally underestimated my strength and that I should have used more weight. So on Tuesday, I was going to fix that.

I warmed up and then did a 5 x 5 deadlift workout. I’m not super strong, but I was extremely happy with where I ended up. It was some serious improvement and would fix that awful score. I hit the rower and overall called it a good workout day.

As I headed to bed that evening, I started feeling some soreness in my back and as I crawled out of bed the next morning, I was praying that the regularly scheduled CrossFit class that I was going to attend in the evening did not contain any deadlifts.

Now guess what.

My box generally doesn’t post the workouts online until after the last class of the day. What they want to avoid is people looking up the workout and then only showing up to the things they like. Which I absolutely agree with. On Wednesday, the day after my deadlifts, they made an exception. They posted the workout in the morning. 5 x 3… deadlifts. Ahaha. Insert hysterical laughter here.

I went nonetheless, sucked it up and completed the workout as scheduled. I even managed to PR by another 5 kilos from the day before, but only because I did less reps. (And the final rep wasn’t all that pretty.) However, after feeling the effects of deadlifts two days in a row, I can fully attest that exercise science is right. You might not want to work the same muscle group two days in a row.

I think I’m done deadlifting for a few days. ;o)


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