Overcome your limits

One of the mottos of the CrossFit box I go to is Überwinde deine Grenzen, which translates to Overcome your limits. CrossFit is all about challenging yourself and overcoming the I can’ts in your head and realizing that you’re stronger than you think. It’s not just about the amount of weight you can lift or the number of reps you can do within a minute. It’s also about overcoming your mental limits and fears, or so I’ve learned.

One of the coaches at the box, Vroni, is a certified hiking guide and over the course of the summer, she’s led us on a number of hikes in the nearby Prealps. We’re lucky to have the Alps right at our doorstep, just a short train ride away from Munich. The first tours we did were mostly challenging in terms of endurance. We’ve always spiced them up with little CrossFit and team-building tasks along the way. 3, 2, 1… Go!

Our latest tour took us to the Brecherspitz, a 1,683m high peak in the Mangfall Mountains.

We took the train from Munich to Neuhaus and from there, took a bus to the Spitzingsattel – the start of our tour. We hiked the first 35 minutes on comfortable forest roads, before we turned onto a slightly more challenging hiking trail. Not even all that slowly, we made it to a peak, sweaty and exhausted. Right by the summit cross, I was ready to take out my Brotzeit and enjoy my brought snacks. Only Vroni was having none of that. When she told us that we weren’t quite there yet, I had to do a double take. Especially, considering what the route ahead of us looked like:

Alpine route leading up to the Brecherspitz. Picture credit.

Maybe I should’ve prefaced this post by saying that I’m terrified, seriously, terrified!! by heights. I’m not the most experienced hiker, so my sure-footedness (is that a word?) has plenty of room for improvement. Just the idea of having to make it across this path was making me lightheaded. The problem wasn’t so much that the trail was slim or rocky, but several passages were so steep that if you slipped and fell, well, goodnight. I gave a loud, hysteric laugh when I saw a sign like this along the way:

Alpine experience, sure-footedness and head for heights required. – Ahahaha! O.o

I have exactly none of that. 😉 Vroni led the pack and I was second behind her, slow as a snail. At some points, there were cable wires where you could hold on to and I have never in my clutched onto something so fiercely. I made a big effort to look straight ahead or down, never to the side into the abyss. Eventually, I made it across the trail, feeling empowered and proud and maybe also a little bit weary of life.

We took our rest, enjoyed the view before we headed – the same way – back.

View from the Brecherspitz. (c) Sabine Effner.

Now, obviously the spectacular view was so worth the trouble, but while you’re in it, it doesn’t always feel that way. Unfortunately, my fear of heights has become worse over the course of the last years, to a point where it’s almost ridiculous. I can’t even attempt to climb the rope at CrossFit. Not just because physically I’m not strong enough, but also because I’m mentally scared of what I’d do if I made it to the top. I may have started, but I still have a lot of limits to overcome.


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