Tea knows best


Tea wisdom. Alle Gedanken lassen sich verändern. (All thoughts can be changed.)

I’m a big fan of Yogi Tea. Not just for their delicious flavors, but also for the fun quotes they print on the labels. Usually, I find them hilarious and just this side of cheesy. Today I made a pot of licorice tea and read this message that made me think for a while: Alle Gedanken lassen sich verändern. All thoughts can be changed.

One of the recurring themes during therapy has been altering the way I think. Changing my thoughts. My psychologist is a cognitive behavioral therapist, so we speak a lot about my views and things that I’ve accepted as the truth and the way they affect my everyday life. Like, for example my conviction of being too fat, too ugly and undesirable which results in compulsive dieting, denying myself pleasure from food, which then leads to binge eating. Or my conviction that I’m too flawed and unloveable to ever achieve a long-lasting, fulfilling partnership and hence totally shutting myself down to meeting a potential partner. During therapy, we don’t really go into why I think those things because it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I stop thinking them. [I have my own theories on where those thoughts are coming from. Thanks, Dad.]

An exercise that she’s had me do repeatedly was to formulate positive thoughts, life and therapy goals, and write them down. Sort of like the “Stop wishing and start doing” mantra. We’ve been writing down my objectives and turned them into facts of the present. I want to love my body the way it is has become I’m loving my body the way it is. I wish I was in a happy, longterm committed relationship has become I am in a happy, longterm committed relationship. Now, that’s currently not true, but the idea is to chase away the negative thought, allow my soul/sub-conscience to open up for positive change and stop my destructive behaviors.

So when I saw the little tea wisdom today, I had to laugh a little. Positive reframing is a powerful tool. You got it, little Yogi tea.


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