Munich Marathon. Countdown!

Only two more days until I’m running my second marathon: the Munich Marathon. I feel more or less prepared and as usual, the taper is driving me crazy. I have such an urge to move and work out, even though I know I need to rest. I did a final rowing workout yesterday, which went well.

Today I tried to take the edge off by heading to the race expo to get my bib early.

Welcome to the race expo at the nearby Olympiapark.

Parked right in front: the Besenfahrzeug. The sweeper car. Every marathoner’s nightmare. BMW is one of the main sponsors since the company is headquartered here in Munich and is one of the largest employers in the city. It’s only logical that they’d also provide the sweeper.

The expo was actually fairly large with plenty of different exhibitors, ranging from running stores, to the big shoe/apparel brands, to sports nutrition companies and international marathons. I had a hard time not spending (too much) money and was proud when I limited myself to a little something at the GU booth. I forced myself past all the clothing with iron will. [Spending a lot of money on running clothes I technically don’t need is just not reasonable right now, no matter how much it’s discounted.]

At the GU booth, I was happy to find out that they’re also offering chews. I’d only known of their gels. When I first started training long-distance, the idea of having to consume these gels mid-run made me nauseous. Just thinking about it. I never tried them quite frankly, but when I discovered Honey Stinger chews, I had found my fix. However, unfortunately they’re not being distributed in Germany and having someone regularly send packages both seems expensive and cumbersome. I’ll be running this Sunday’s marathon on my very last packages of Honey Stinger and already had resigned to the fact that I would have to accept the fact that gels were in my near future. No more! I’ll obviously have to see how my stomach actually deals with the GU chews, but having a fair shot at a good alternative excites me a big deal.

I also got some good inspiration for a handful of marathons (that might also offer a half) for future racing. Overall, I thought it was a nice expo.

And finally, I obviously also got this:

Race bag

The chances of getting hit by a car when wearing this race shirt are absolutely zero. It’s THAT bright. Impossible to miss!

Two more days! Yikes!


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