Paleo – Day 2 – Recap

Current stats

None taken today

General well-being

Sleep: a little over 8 hours, a bit more trouble getting out of bed this morning, but then feeling energized in the morning

Binging: woke up once & ate

Skin: as yesterday (some spots, not too bad currently)


Breakfast: 2 oven-baked eggs with ham, mushrooms and tomato

Lunch: leftovers from last night: ground meat and side of carrots

Dinner: small steak with spinach, mushrooms and sunflower seeds

Drinks: 4 glasses of tea + ca. 2 liters of water

Feeling: Good. I’m already a lot less bloated. Still missed coffee in the morning, but tea is doing it just fine right now. Only a very light headache throughout the day. Got really tired in the late afternoon, so I napped. Overall, felt great. Like yesterday, I ate smaller portions than usual but felt satisfied throughout the day. Light sugar cravings in the evening.


Biking: ca. 26km


WOD: Fran (21 – 15 – 9 Thrusters & Pull-ups) in 9:05

Today’s workout was a reminder of what I already know; I’m godawful at pull-ups. I already used assistance bands because I can’t do an unassisted pull-up yet and I was still struggling through them like crazy. I literally could not have done another rep. I scaled the thrusters from the rx’ed 30 kg to 20 kg and could’ve potentially gone a little heavier.


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