Paleo – Day 3 – Recap

Current stats

Weight: XX.X kg (-2.4 kg)*

Measurements: not taken

*So, I’ve “lost” 2.4 kilos in 2 days. I’m not surprised it’s that much, because I know how easily my body retains water when I eat a lot of simple carbs. Since I’ve cut them out completely, I assume I’ve lost a ton of water weight. Probably a little bit of fat too, since I’ve been eating at a calorie deficit. Either way: yay!

General well-being

Sleep: A little over 8 hours. I actually woke up before my alarm and got out of bed fairly easily this morning. Well rested.

Binging: Woke up once & ate.

Skin: A little red today

Stomach: was a little grumbly late last night, but fine today


Breakfast: green smoothie (apple, kiwi, spinach, some ginger & ice) – I’m generally not a smoothie fan, but this was not too bad. I didn’t have much time for breakfast, so I fixed myself something quick. I was hungry by lunch time, but the smoothie kept me full longer than expected. I felt a little light-headed after my workout at 11 AM, so maybe it wasn’t enough to carry me through a tough workout?

Lunch: smoked trout with raw vegetables (red bell pepper, tomatoes, cucumber), some walnuts – not what I had originally planned on eating, but I needed something quick post-workout

Snack: half an apple – I was actually quite hungry today, so I ate the second half of my apple, leftover from breakfast

Dinner: bun-less beef burger with large side salad (mixed greens, tomato, sprouts & seeds) – first challenge today and managed well! Spontaneous dinner date with friends. We supported one of our CrossFit coaches during a lifting competition and grabbed dinner together afterward. Finding something on the menu was surprisingly easy, since they already offered bun-less burgers, I just had to swap the Parmegiano dressing for oil & vinegar. Would’ve loved a cocktail, but stuck to water

Drinks: 3 glasses of tea + ca. 2 liters of water

Feeling: I didn’t even miss coffee at breakfast (maybe because I was in such a hurry?) I was very energized all the way post workout. Had a headache after lunch and lay down for a nap. Dinner was far easier than I thought it would be. Very happy with my choices today. Had a chocolate craving post-dinner that passed eventually.


Biking: ca. 25km


WOD: 10 rounds of 5 trap bar deadlifts + 100m ski erg (all-out) – used 55kg for the deadlift and actually did really well. The last one was really heavy, but still doable with good form. The ski erg sprints were what killed me. Times ranged from 24.1 seconds to 26.9 seconds. I was running out of steam halfway

14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9…, 1 push-ups (had to do them against a bench, higher than usual, but my arms were pudding after the WOD)

9, 8, 7, 6,…1 strict pull-ups (banded pull-ups with purple + black band) – surprisingly better than I had feared. Pull-ups are my big weakness

Felt great during the deadlifts, but the ski erg killed me. The push-ups were difficult and the pull-ups better than anticipated. Had great energy throughout, but felt a little dizzy afterward.


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