Paleo – Day 4 – Recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: ca. 9 hours. I didn’t set an alarm this morning and only woke up after actually sleeping through the night for once. Woke up feeling very refreshed and energized.

Binging: none. Slept through the night. WIN!

Skin: good today. Not too oily


Breakfast: 2 oven-baked eggs with ham, mushrooms and tomato – already made this once during the week and liked it, so I cooked it again. This keeps me full for a long time

Lunch: Pumpkin-carrot puree with tuna filet – the puree was very quick and easy to make. I liked the addition of ghee and coconut milk a lot. Unfortunately I overcooked the tuna, so that was a bit meh. Wasn’t that filling overall.

Dinner: Peppers, tomatoes & ham, a kiwi for dessert – I wasn’t all that hungry after I had lunch rather late, so I kept it small and simple

Drinks: 5 glasses of tea + 1.5 liters of water

Feeling: I felt rather tired and sluggish today. I’ll keep an eye on how my energy levels are over the next few days. I’ve not had a giant appetite, but I’m wondering whether I’m undereating. :-/


9.5km run. I went at a slow pace since this was my first run post-marathon. I haven’t run in 3 weeks and had to realize how ridiculously quick your endurance goes down. My back and core were still sore from yesterday’s workout, so I tightened up uncomfortably. Felt a little iffy throughout – maybe my body still getting used to running on fat and not carbs?


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