Paleo – Day 5 – Recap

Current stats

Weight: XX.X kg (-0.9 kg since last weigh-in / -3.3 kg total)

Measurements: not taken

General well-being

Sleep: a little over 8 hours. I still had a very hard time getting up this morning

Binging: woke up & ate once

Skin: a little cleared than yesterday


Breakfast: red berry smoothie with coconut milk. – this was all right. At least it kept me full till lunch

Lunch: cauliflower “rice” with a chicken spinach curry – meh. I didn’t like the recipe of the curry. I’ll have to try something different next time. It was a tad too thin and flavorless. The cauliflower rice was delicious and a good way to sneak in another two servings of veggies. Such a bitch to make though.

Dinner: Leftover carrot-pumpkin puree from yesterday, some roasted bell pepper, raw cucumber and a salmon filet – very filling

Drinks: 2 glasses of tea + ca. 2 liters of water

Feeling: Ugh, today was tough. I had no energy this morning. Right after getting up, I wanted to go back to bed and take a nap. I barely could concentrate on planning my meals for the rest of the week. It only got better when I left for therapy and got some movement + fresh air. After therapy and throughout the workout, I was fine. Some light cravings for something sweet post-dinner. A glass of cinnamon tea satisfied that need, however.


Biking: ca. 23.5 km


Theory: Bench press: 5×5, I think we were supposed to start with 80% of our 1 RM, which, as I PRed last week is now at 42.5kg. For me, that meant, I should have started with 35 kg. I didn’t. I did my first set with 30 kg, after the first warm-up set already felt heavier than it should. I did 30, 32.5, 35, 37.5, missed the last rep of that set, went down to 35 kg. I like doing bench presses, but unfortunately, I’m not super strong at them. In between sets, we were supposed to do strict pull-ups or ring rows

WOD: 5 rounds FT of 10 wall ball shots + 10 KB swings. Time 6:02. I hate wall balls. They kill me every single time. 😦

Overall, not my strongest performance today, but given how this morning was, I’m glad I even managed to walk into the box and survived the workout.


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