Paleo – Day 6 – Recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: a little over 8 hours. Getting up was easier than yesterday, but still, I didn’t get out of bed quite as easily. I think I need to hit the sack earlier tonight

Binging: Woke up twice & ate. 😦

Skin: good today. A little bit oily, but better than yesterday


Breakfast: Green smoothie (spinach, apple, kiwi & ginger), 1 hard-boiled egg – I don’t necessarily think I would’ve needed the egg, but wanted to add a bit of protein and some calories

Lunch: Raw vegetables (peppers, kohlrabi and tomato) with smoked trout

Dinner: Leftover cauliflower rice and chicken spinach curry

Drinks: 3 glasses of tea and ca. 1.5 liters of water

Feeling: I felt good today. I was still a little tired, but felt like I had much better energy than yesterday. No headaches.


Biking: 21km


20 minutes to find your 1RM snatch – I power-snatched because I’m terrified of any squat-lifts and my overhead squat is so weak, that even if I managed to dive under the bar, I wouldn’t be able to stand it up. I ended up at 27.5kg, a weight I had previously snatched. I attempted 30 kg once or twice but we were running out of time. I think I’m still mentally blocked and can’t break through that weight. :-/

10 Min EMOTM: 1 snatch at 85% of your 1RM. I used 22.5kg after my coach told me I shouldn’t round up to 25kg. I would’ve preferred the higher weight, but she’s right when she says that I’m more of an endurance athlete and I struggle with explosiveness. So I kept the weight lower to work on my speed.

Final WOD: 2:30 minutes plank with a push-up every 10 seconds. It doesn’t sound hard until you do it. O.o

Overall, I felt great during the workout today.


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