Paleo – Day 8 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: about 8 hours. Slept a lot better than last night and got out of bed fairly easily this morning. Energized when waking up.

Binging: Woke up once, but didn’t eat. I was actually nervous about this night because I had a doctor’s appointment at 8:30 AM that required me to be sober for 12 hours. I barely managed dinner last night by 8:30 PM, and eating during the night would’ve resulted in me not being able to take the test. However, my subconscious got the memo and I didn’t eat. Why can’t it always be like this, brain?

Skin: Good today


Breakfast: None, because of the doctor’s appointment. They were doing an insulin resistance test and as I said above, that required me to be sober. I then had to drink some sugary water (I bet non-paleo *g*). They took blood before and after, to see how my body reacts to the insulin. What’s funny is when I was waiting for the test results (ca. 2 hours), I was so tired all of a sudden. The aftermath of a sugar high. I’ve not missed those.

Lunch: Leftover carrot and pumpkin purée, a big helping of spinach and ground beef.  – Not what I had planned on cooking, but I was starving by the time I got home and was finally allowed to eat. It had to be quick.

Snack: Half an apple before I headed to the box

Dinner: Boiled carrots, some celery and leftover ground beef – again, not what I had planned but I was hungry after CrossFit and needed something quick. I planned today very poorly, but I still ate paleo, so that’ll have to do.

Drinks: ca. 3 liters of water and herbal tea

Feeling: Good. Hungry in the morning, obviously. It’s funny how much a difference my smoothie makes. Even though it’s not a ton of calories, it does keep me satisfied till lunch, whereas that sugar water I drank today probably had the same amount of cals, but left me starving by lunch. Otherwise, I felt good. Very energized today.


Biking: 22 km


Theory: 20 minutes to find 1 RM Squat Clean – this was great today! The last time I did squat cleans, I actually cried during class because I just couldn’t figure it out and got so frustrated (I was very hormonal that day). Today, I even PRed at 40 kg. I’ve been struggling to clean 40 kgs for a while. I got always stuck at 37.5 kg and today it finally happened after a couple of missed attempts. 😀

WOD: 10 Minutes EMOTM 1 squat clean at 85 – 90% of 1RM: I used 35 kg and felt good. I missed the third one a couple of times because I was unfocused.

Extra credit: 5 minutes AMRAP L-sit – ahaha. Geez. Am I godawful at this.


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