Paleo – Day 10 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: Poor. I slept for about 7ish hours. Woke up easily though and had good energy when waking up.

Binging: Oh man. This is getting stressful. I woke up again twice and binged really badly. I still stayed under my calorie allowance for the day, but this is just unnecessary. I wish I knew how to stop this. I’m headed on vacation for 10 days tomorrow and I’m hoping this will be a much needed reset

Skin: good. Just a minor spot, but overall my skin looks clearer and less oily


Breakfast: green smoothie (kiwi, apple, spinach, ginger and lemon juice) – This didn’t keep me quite as full as the last few times. I ran some errands in the morning and then came home around 11ish. I was hungry already. Busied myself some more and held out to lunch though

Lunch: Leftover zucchini spaghetti and bolognese sauce from yesterday.

Snack: Large apple – overall, I think I ate too much (dried) fruit/fructose today

Dinner: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, peppers and some raw celery and cucumber. – Not the most amazing tasting meal, but I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and I need to use up what’s in my fridge

Post-dinner snack: I had eaten very few calories today (just a little over 1,000), so I snacked on some nuts and dried dates.

Drinks: Ca. 2.5 liters of water and tea

Feeling: Physically feeling great. Mentally a bit rough today.


Biking: ca. 25km


My box just introduced a special class on Oly. We focused in great detail on the pulling motion of the snatch, practicing over and over again. It was a great class because during regular classes we simply usually don’t have the time to go this much into detail. I think I got a few good reps by the end.

Tomorrow a big challenge starts for me. I’m traveling to San Francisco to meet a lovely friend and run the Big Sur half marathon together. I’m extremely excited! Obviously, leaving the comforts of my home will put me through a Paleo-test. I’m confident I can figure something out while I’m there and have access to stores, but being stuck on a plane is making me a little nervous. I picked a gluten-free meal with the airline in hopes of avoiding pasta or bread dishes. I’m expecting rice though (also not paleo), so I prepared some snacks to eat on the plane, in case I need to leave half of my meal on the tray. Such a good girl scout.

Nuts & dates, a fruit/nut bar and some bell peppers. I’m hoping there’ll be some kind of protein for me to eat (that’s not cheese :-/) and that I can leave whatever grain and just eat some more veggies.


2 thoughts on “Paleo – Day 10 – recap

    • My problem with nightly eating is psychological, unfortunately. I’m seeing a therapist to treat me for an eating disorder and waking up at night to eat is actually a leftover mechanism of my body to make sure it’s fed. No matter how much I eat during the day. (I still wake up at night, even if I actually overeat, so the amount of calories I eat in a day is not correlated to my nightly eating.)

      I’ll look into intermittent fasting though! Thanks!

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