Paleo – Day 11 – recap

Current stats

Weight: XX.X kg (- 0.8kg / -3.1kg total)

No other measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: ca. 7 hours – had to get up earlyish to take care of a few things before I was flying out to San Francisco, slept fairly well

Binging: Woke up once & ate

Skin: Pretty good, actually


Breakfast: Green smoothie (apple, kiwi, spinach & ginger)

Lunch: Leftover zucchini spaghetti with bolognese sauce, half a mini cucumber – I was lucky that I could still eat at home and be as much prepared for my 11 hour flight as possible

Snack: Tea at the airport – I was really craving coffee at the airport. All those coffee shops. Calling my name with a nice latte. I stayed strong and got tea instead.

Dinner 1: Fish filet with ratatouille, a green salad and fruit – I had ordered a gluten free special meal for my flight in hopes to avoid pasta, bread and cake. I also brought some cut up vegetables, because I still anticipated having to leave some of my food on the plate. Which turned out to be a good thing! I left the rice and gluten-free bread on the tray and just ate what I brought. I did, however, eat a almond-date bar that had some puffed rice in it. Not quite Paleo, but ah, well.

Dinner 2: Turkey breast with spinach and fruit – I left the buckwheat and bread and ate some nuts & dates I brought instead.

Traveling with Paleo took some thinking ahead, but was easier than I anticipated. The 11 hour flight was long, but I held out just fine. The hardest, actually, was saying no to coffee and wine. I’m really proud of how I handled myself today.

Drinks: Ca. 3 liters of water and tea

Feeling: good. I was actually so awake that I barely managed to nap on the flight.


Rest Day

I made it safely to San Francisco, where I’ll be on a 10 day vacation. The fun starts now! 😀


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