Paleo – Day 12 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: a lot. Kinda. I can’t remember at what time we went to bed, but I do remember that I started waking early because of the jetlag. Forced myself to doze on until 7 ish AM.

Binging: none, even though I was getting really hungry

Skin: good today. I usually get outbreaks after traveling by plane, but this time my skin is just a little oilier


Breakfast: was a challenge. It’s included in our hostel room, but breakfast consists mostly of bread and then fruit. I took the fruit and tea and then ate a fruit-nut bar I had brought from Germany. I saw that the hostel also sells hard-boiled eggs, so I bought one of those. I was kinda hungry after breakfast, still, so maybe tomorrow I should buy two eggs

Lunch: we stopped for lunch at the Ferry Building in SFO, which is now a nice market. We found a deli where you can pick your main and then a side salad and soup or two salads. I chose chicken meatballs with spinach salad and some eggplant-chicken dish. I know I didn’t eat strict paleo, because there was some soy sauce in the eggplant dish and also the sauce of the chicken meatballs probably had some sugar in it, but after a challenging morning (we stopped by a Ghiradelli store and then a beautiful bakery with sourdough bread – and didn’t buy/taste anything) I was satisfied with my choices and didn’t fall into a food coma after.

Snack: an apple and tea

Dinner: seafood in a garlicky tomato soup. This itself was probably pretty much paleo. I had a bite of my friends’ clam chowder (not paleo) and then some battered fried fish (also not), after dinner I ate another fruit – nut bar. Again, I failed to eat strict paleo but all things considered, I tried to make the best out of my situation today.

Drinks: ca. 2 liters of water and tea

Feeling: I felt great and full of energy today. No afternoon low. I really had bad cravings today, mostly because chocolate, coffee and bread were in my face all the time


Exploring SFO on foot and climbing some nice stairs (ca. 15k in total)


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