Paleo – Day 15 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: about 8 hours, deep, relaxing sleep. Woke up before my alarm and rose easily

Binging: none, woke up once to pee

Skin: good today, generally, I feel like it’s been clearer


Breakfast: banana (pre-workout), Paleo nut-fruit bar + apple (post-workout)

Snack: Lärabar

Late lunch (around 3pm): Large salad (mixed greens, spinach and carrots) with some grilled beef, sausage in tomato sauce and grilled broccoli rabe and asparagus – I wasn’t super-starving when I sat down for a late lunch, but had an appetite. We ate at a food court and I grabbed something from the salad bar. The sausage was probably not paleo, but everything else was, my guess. We ate late, so I was full for a really long time

Dinner: Lamb meatballs with salad and a side of hummus – ok, so the hummus is a paleo no-no. I know. But we went to this wonderful Mediterranean place and I just couldn’t say no. At the end of the day, it’s still a healthy food. I used to stomach chickpeas a lot better than beans, so I’m not concerned. I did ask the restaurant to sub the rice with extra salad, so I’m happy with my choice for the night

Snack: another Lärabar for the sweet taste – this was probably out of boredom. I don’t think I actually needed that because the food of the day kept me rather full

Drinks: ca. 3 liters of water and herbal tea

Feeling: very energized until the early evening. I don’t think my fatigue today had anything to do with my dietary choices, but was more a result of having constantly walked and explored the city for the last week. Generally, I have to say that I’m feeling great, despite being not 100000% strict with paleo right now.


I did a drop-in session at San Francisco CrossFit today, which is near out hostel. It was a great box, with nice people and a wonderful coach. I was a little nervous about dropping in and possibly being faced with exercises I couldn’t do or was extremely weak at. But I was lucky and did just fine.

25 minutes to find our 1 RM deadlift. We warmed up with a set of 10, 8, 5 and 3 before we moved into singles. I ended up at 165 lbs, which I’m certain I could beat, since I’ve lifted that weight at home in a workout with 5x 3 reps. However, today and after all the walking, my legs where having none of that

WOD: 21-15-9 of ball slams (30 lbs) and dips. I finished in 6:01

We’ve been walking a lot and I can feel my back and legs tightening up. Tomorrow we’re headed down to Monterey and I think my friend and I are both looking forward to some time in the car. San Francisco, it’s been a pleasure!


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