Paleo – Day 16 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: ca. 8 hours of sleep. Actually slept a little longer than last few days. Woke up only once or twice to use the bathroom

Binging: none

Skin: good today


Breakfast: omelette with veggies, a giant heap of fruit and a side of bacon – we left San Francisco today to head to Monterey Bay. As a treat, we went out for breakfast. This was a giant portion and kept me full for a long time. Though I did feel tired in during the drive, thanks to the sugar crash

Lunch: apple and a fruit-nut bar

Dinner: steak with salad – the dressing was pre-made and not paleo, but I made an effort to pick the healthiest I could find at the store

Drinks: too little today. Maybe 2 liters of water and tea

Feeling: Good. After all the walking of the last couple of days, I actually enjoyed sitting in the car today and not moving much. We’re running the Big Sur half marathon on Sunday and rest was much needed


Rest day.


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