Paleo – Days 18 & 19 – recap

So, oops. I totally forgot to post a paleo recap yesterday.

Here’s what’s happened on Day 18.

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: I can’t really remember, but it wasn’t all that much. Day 18 (Sunday) was the day of the Big Sur half marathon and with a race start at 6:55 AM, we were out the door by 5:45 AM and obviously up even sooner. I felt relatively energized in the morning and got up easily. Partly definitely because of the excitement

Binging: none

Skin: Good. My skin has been really surprisingly good since I started paleo.


Pre-workout: banana, some berries, I think – pre-race breakfast used to be a banana, some bread and peanut butter. It felt weird not eating bread, but it’s probably something I could get used to

Post-race: some more fruit (grapes, strawberries), some beef jerky, raisins and juice and soup, a larabar – I skipped the bagel (I really wanted one) and pretzels and stuck with the fruit. I can’t quite remember what I ate for the rest of the day. i think during the afternoon, I nibbled on a lot of fruit and possibly another larabar. My diet was kinda shit after the race

Dinner: chicken sausages with a salad

After-dinner: dark chocolate when watching a movie – I’ve really overdone the sweet stuff in the last couple of days and I’ve felt bloated and uncomfortable after all the fruit/nut bars. They’re tasty and easy, but definitely not the foundation of a healthy diet. Time I start watching those a bit more and generally emphasizing fresh veggies more again

Drinks: ca. 3 liters of water and tea

Feeling: bloated. Exhausted after the race.


Big Sur half marathon. This was the first race I did without taking any fuel during the race. In the past I drank endurance formula (Gatorade) and ate energy chews (during longer races like marathons). I try not to fuel during half marathons because it’s just a half and I usually get through those just fine, but I was running a bit out of energy toward the end. Potentially because my body is not used to using fat for energy. I haven’t carbo loaded like I used to (eating a bit more bread and pasta before the race), instead I increased my starchy carbs and fruit. I think my body still needs to get used to my new way of eating for endurance exercise.

All in all, healthy living-wise, yesterday wasn’t great, but it wasn’t super-awful either.

Day 19:

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: about 8 hours of sleep. Didn’t set an alarm, so I woke up when I felt rested enough

Binging: none

Skin: still very good


Breakfast: 1 bell pepper with 2 eggs, some fruit

Lunch: 2 eggs with some carrots and cherry tomatoes

Dinner: falafel and hummus, lamb shish kebab with veggies and a side salad – so, the falafel and hummus are not paleo, I know, but I decided to treat myself today. i probably shouldn’t cheat during the Whole30 period, but I know that the days I ate strict paleo made me feel better, so it’s not that I need to keep testing. This was my treat and now I go back to as strict as possible. And that’ll be it. Besides, chickpeas are something I stomach fairly well. I still did make an effort to keep my cheat to something I really wanted and that I felt was worth it. I turned down the pita bread and asked for more veggies instead of rice

Post-dinner: some more dark chocolate

Drinks: ca. 2.5 liters of water and tea

Feeling: a bit better, a bit less bloated than yesterday, otherwise good and fairly energized


Lots of walking today


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