Paleo – Day 23 – recap

Current stats

Weight: XX.X kg (-1.2 kg since last weigh in / – 4.3 kg total)

No other measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: ca. 8.5 hours tonight. I slept so deeply (kinda) and had a hard time getting up. Thanks jet lag and joy of sleeping in my own, quiet bed.

Binging: I woke up once and ate. What the heck is this? I didn’t wake up once during the last 10 days. But I get home, super-exhausted from long hours of travels and yet, I wake up and eat. I just don’t understand my psyche.

Skin: Great


Breakfast: Green smoothie (apple, kiwi, spinach, ginger) – I woke up super hungry and wasn’t entirely full after this. Not as full as usually after my smoothie. Decided to hold out and have an early lunch

Lunch: Omelette with sautéed mushrooms

Snack: Sausages with a bit of mustard – I was really hungry all day today. Even after eating a substantial lunch, I started counting down the hours till dinner. I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and was excited to find wieners that are, in fact, paleo (meat, salt, some spices and nothing more) that I had to try them right away at home. Oops.

Dinner: Roasted carrots (Ottolenghi’s recipe is da bomb!), celeriac root purée with grilled chicken. Sooooooo good! Four small pieces of dark chocolate as dessert.

Drinks: ca. 3.5 liters of water and tea. I was really cold today. It was between 20 – 15°C in California and I came home to 4°C in Munich, so I’ve been freezing all day and decided to have a bit more tea today. I was craving something warm to drink.

Feeling: All right, all things considered. My head felt a bit mushy thanks to the jet lag. Not quite as bad as it used to be on previous occasions, but feeling fit and energized feels different. I also felt fairly hungry all day.


I had originally signed up for a CrossFit class, but after I barely made it out of bed this AM, I decided to take another rest day today. Back to CrossFit tomorrow.


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