Paleo – Day 25 – recap

Current stats

Weight: XX.Xkg (+0.9kg / -3.4kg total) – I worked the weights for the first time in a long time yesterday, so some of it could be additional water. I also binged badly and well into the morning last night, so I’m assuming some of it is simply undigested food. No big deal

No other measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: ca. 6.5 hours. I still have issues falling asleep at night because of the jet lag. I also have big issues staying asleep and my sleep quality is still poor. It was just a little easier forcing myself up in the morning. I’m ready to be over jet lag any day now

Binging: bad last night. I’d been hungry all day, craving chocolate in particular (hi hormones!) and I think I woke up three times and ate. I ended up eating around maintenance calories, so it wasn’t a total disaster.

Skin: great! Especially, considering that, based on my hormonal-chocolate cravings state, it would be girl time if I actually had a period still, I would have big outbreaks right now. But nothing. I generally feel like my hormone situation isn’t as bad this month. Not so much an emotional up and down, better skin, less cravings (though I do have chocolate cravings that I give in, even though that’s not Whole30. They’re just not as bad). I feel pretty good


Breakfast: Green smoothie (kiwi, apple, spinach, ginger)

Lunch: Chicken curry in tomato sauce with cauliflower rice. Some chocolate afterward – I was super-excited that I finally seem to have figured out my blender better and didn’t end up with as big a mess as last time. The recipe gave a giant portion, just want I needed today

Dinner, post-workout: Leftover celeriac root purée, roasted carrots, some chicken breast and extra sauteed spinach. A kiwi and more chocolate afterward – I was really hungry after today’s workout which was tough.

Drinks: About 2.5 liters of water and tea

Feeling: Good, all things considered. Still a little jet lagged. Chocolate cravings. A little hungrier than usual. But fine. No mood swings, just a bit low on energy in the morning and post-workout.


Biking: ca. 11km


Theory: 10 minutes to practice pistols or one-legged squats on the box. I hadn’t done these in a while, so I was extremely surprised and excited how much stronger my one-legged squats had become. I still can’t do a proper pistol, but I remember struggling a whole lot more last time. Very crazy though how much difference there is in strength of my legs

WOD: 5 RFT of 40 DUs (sub for 160 singles), 30 box jumps and 20 KB swings (1 pood for the ladies) – I can’t do DUs, hence I did the amount of singles. I finished in 22:45 and thought I was going to have a heart attack sometime in the fourth round. This was hard and exactly the kind of WOD I love. I finished second, but need to practice DUs again more so that I finally can stop subbing them in WODs. Overall, I felt great today.


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