Paleo – Day 26 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: still poor, still not falling asleep at night, still having issues getting up in the morning. Meh, jet lag. I got maybe 6 or 7 hours of sleep last night. It wasn’t good quality sleep either, sadly

Binging: woke up twice, I think, and ate. I was really hungry yesterday.

Skin: great, considering I should be on my period right now (given my chocolate cravings and general increased appetite), I’m surprised I have no outbreaks whatsoever


Breakfast: green smoothie and because I was very hungry, also a few slices of bacon.

Lunch: omelette with roasted peppers and cucumber, some tomatoes. I was extremely hungry today, especially craving sweet stuff. I had a handful of nuts and dates after lunch

Snack: two hard boiled eggs with a bit of mustard

Dinner: leftover chicken curry and cauliflower rice, some dark chocolate – my theme for the day was fooooooooooood! Nothing seemed to satisfy me, especially my sweet cravings. Not the best food day, but given how difficult hormones have been for the last few days, it’s fine. I’ve done worse when on my period. This too shall pass

Drinks: ca. 3 liters of tea and water

Feeling: tired today. I had big trouble getting out of bed this morning and kept yawning all day. I took a nap in the afternoon. I felt weirdly energized during my workout though.


Biking: ca. 21 km


Theory: Split jerk – we spent a good amount of time practicing the split jerk today, then trying to find our 1RM. I’d done it maybe once or twice and PRed today and felt more comfortable at the technique. I still could drop a little lower, but my legs were a little tired from yesterday’s leg-heavy workout, so they wouldn’t move quite as fast. I ended up doing a 40 kg SJ – I’m happy about that!

WOD: 10 minutes EMOTM of 2 push press (with 80% of 1RM) + 1 split jerk. I used 35 kg, which was too much. I had never tested my 1RM for the push press before, but estimated it to be around 40 kg. When I looked it up in BeyondTheWhiteboard, it gave me an estimate of 41kg. 80% of that would’ve been 32.5kg. Ooops. No wonder this got really, really hard after the 7th round. I did finish though and completed all the rounds. I don’t think I could’ve done another one.


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