Paleo – Day 27 – recap

Current stats

Weight: XX.X kg (+/- 0.0 kg / -3.4 kg total) – I’ve been eating at a (slight) deficit in the last couple of days, so technically, I should be dropping weight. I’ve lifted a lot since Saturday and I’d also be on my period, so I’m assuming a lot of this is just water weight. Curious to see where I’ll be in a couple of days

No other measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: about 8 hours. I finally seem to be over the worst jet lag. I was able to fall asleep before midnight and forced myself out of bed at 7 this morning. Waking up seemed a bit easier today

Binging: I woke up twice and ate during the night. 😦

Skin: good, no outbreaks this cycle


Breakfast: eggs, bacon, roasted peppers and tomato – I’ve been so hungry the last few days, so I decided to have a little more breakfast today. It was delicious and kept me full till lunch.

Lunch: maple pumpkin purée with ground beef and green peppers

Snack pre-workout: a kiwi

Snack post-workout: oh boy. I cheated. I ate a sausage in a bread roll. I met up with friends after CrossFit and this was the only food they had. And I was starving. Today’s workout was so tough that I thought I was going to pass out. I thought about just eating the sausage, but it was baked into the bread roll and I was really, really starving. I feel guilty for breaking Whole30 so close to the finish line, but on the bright side, I have to say that the bread wasn’t that awesome, i. e. I don’t feel like I’m missing much by forgoing it and I did have a slight tummy rumble on the way home, so maybe this is my body telling me that, Hey, not eating bread is the right thing. Stop doing it!

Dinner: three mini sausages, cauliflower rice and tomato sauce, some cucumber, then three eggs. – random, I know, but it’s what I still had left/could be prepared quickly. I was really hungry still.

Drinks: 3 liters of water and tea. I’m extremely proud that I did not get a beer (like everybody else) when meeting my friends. Nobody pressured me into drinking, but boy, I would’ve liked a beer.

Feeling: Better than yesterday. My cravings for something sweet were a lot less strong and I also didn’t feel so exhausted and tired as yesterday. I’m hoping I’m past the worst jet lag and period related cravings.


Biking: ca. 25 km


Oh boy. We rowed today. To hell hell. I. e. we did a partner WOD of rowing 100, 90, 80, 70…, 10 calories on the machine. You take rest as your partner rows. I was paired up with one of the guys and we were actually last to finish because I’m such a slow rower. I can keep a consistent pace, but it’s just not fast. I felt so bad for him because he got out of there real late too.

I think I burned almost 750 calories today. No wonder I was starving right after.


Today wasn’t great with the bread mishap, but I’m almost done with the 30 day initiation period and I have been feeling better ever since I started eating paleo. So tomorrow, I’m back on track. No cutting the 30 days short.


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