Paleo – Day 28 – recap

Current stats

No measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: I overslept this morning and ended up getting more than 8 hours of sleep. Ah well.

Binging: I woke up once and ate. I woke up a second time, this time only to use the bathroom.

Skin: a little spot, nothing major.


Breakfast: half avocado, tomatoes and smoked trout. – I was out of eggs this morning, so I ate fish for breakfast. It wasn’t all that bad. 😉 Since I ate so late, it carried me well over to lunch

Lunch: Leftover ground beef, pumpkin purée and roasted peppers, two pieces of chocolate – First, I really need to kick the chocolate-eating habit again. I’ve been eating too much of it lately. Otherwise, lunch was great and kept me satisfied for a long time.

Snack: apple

Dinner: Tilapia with a big side of spinach and cauliflower rice. Two pieces of chocolate and a banana. – I think I’ve overdone the sugar (both in chocolate and fruit) today. Originally, I had planned to roast some veggies for dinner, but I got carried away at the box, chatting with friends and by the time I came home, I needed something quick. Roasted veggies it is tomorrow.

Drinks: Ca. 3 liters of water and tea

Feeling: Good, generally. A little unfocused during CrossFit, but otherwise nothing to complain about.


Biking: ca. 21 km


Theory: 20 minutes to find our 1RM front squat. I either wasted too much energy warming up, I still felt the rowing and snatching and overhead squatting and box jumping of the last few days in my bones or I was just plain unfocused. I couldn’t get a PR, even though I was confident I would. The last time I tried for 1RM front squat was about 5 – 6 weeks ago, just a couple of days after the Munich marathon. Turns out I can front squat just as much even after having just run a marathon? WTF! I ended up with 50kg and dropped 52.5kg a couple of times. I was not happy.

WOD 1: 10 minutes EMOTM of 2 Front Squats at 80% (i. e. 40 kg) – I felt super strong during those. I think it might’ve just been my focus during the 1RM attempt

WOD 2: 3 minutes AMRAP of 4 cleans and 8 burpees. Oh boy. Oh boy. I totally overestimated how much I could clean today. RX’ed weight was 40kg, so I went in with 35kg, only to miss rep after rep and struggle my way through the three minutes. After two rounds, my coach swapped weight for me and put me down to 25kg, which then was too light. If only I’d been a bit more humble cand gone for 30kg. I took a risk. I failed. Ah well.


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