Paleo – Day 29 – recap

Current stats

Weight: X.XX kg (-0.1kg / -3.5kg total)

No other measurements taken

General well-being

Sleep: I overslept again and ended up sleeping 8.5 hours. Once I was actually out of bed, I felt fairly awake.

Binging: woke up once and ate. I ended up eating at maintenance yesterday.

Skin: a little red today, a small spot, but nothing major


Breakfast: half avocado, smoked trout, bell peppers

Lunch: oven-roasted vegetables (rutabaga, beets and carrots) and grilled talapia. One small piece of chocolate. – I could’ve used a little more fish for lunch. The serving of veggies was huuuuuge and delicious, but I felt like some more protein. Hm.

Dinner: spinach, leftover pumpkin purée and ground beef, a banana and an apple, two pieces of chocolate – I didn’t have that mush spinach left, so I are a bit of fruit after dinner. Felt pretty satisfied afterward

Drinks: 3.5 liters of tea and water

Feeling: Great. I was yawning a bit in the afternoon, but otherwise felt great. I also had a good session with my therapist and felt very positive about life, my body and my diet. I’ve noticed that also my mental well-being has improved immensely in the last couple of days.


Biking: ca. 23.5 km


5 rounds of 3 bench press (@ 85% 1RM), immediately followed by a 2 minutes row, rest of 3 minutes between rounds. So, I used 35 kg for the bench press and struggled through some of the reps. My shoulder is still hurting after the split jerks we did earlier this week and I generally think after tomorrow, I’m ready for a rest day. We were meant to row at least 450m each round for the rowing part and at least I managed that. Not my strongest workout today.


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