Christmas 2014

Christmas was incredibly lovely this year. I still had to work on Monday and Tuesday, so I only took the bus to my hometown on Christmas Eve. I left Munich early and made it to my parents’ place by midday. After a family nap, my parents went to church while I prepared some food.

Christmas isn’t a big deal in my family so we kept dinner simple and also the number of presents limited. We sat together after dinner for a while before we exchanged gifts. [We typically exchange presents on Christmas Eve in Germany.] It was actually rather nice. I got a movie, a cookbook and some money. Especially the cookbook I was excited about. 🙂 It’s Paleo!

Zenbelly Cookbook by Simone Miller

I generally create an Amazon wishlist with all kinds of items before Christmas and then send the link to my parents. That way I don’t know what I’m getting but it’ll be something I want. There was also a pair of Inov8 lifting shoes on the list, but I guess I’ll have to buy them with the money I received. Ah, well.

I got Mom a pair of earrings, Dad tickets to a musical and a gift voucher for a pretty nice steakhouse in Munich for when he comes to visit next month. Guess I did fairly well with the selection. At least nobody complained. ;o)

Yesterday, I met some childhood friends and their partners for coffee. Two of them were my two best friends since elementary school. Throughout the years, we’ve always been in close contact. The third was a girl I used to be loosely friends with and then sort of lost track of. One of my BFFs still kept contact with her and it was nice to meet up as a quartet again. We spent a lovely afternoon together.

One of my BFFs told me that her boyfriend (who apparently doesn’t give a lot of compliments as I read from between the lines) gave me a super-nice compliment after the group went their separate ways. Apparently, he commented on how happy I looked and how I radiated from the inside. He said that he thought I was charming and that he admired how much I’d achieved through my job and losing weight, yet, I wasn’t showing off, but was still nice and humble.

Isn’t that a nice thing to say? It totally made my day when my friend told me today. 2014 wasn’t always a great year for me (I’m planning on writing a recap later this week), but now that it comes to an end, I’m realizing that it’s certainly turned for the better. I did achieve a lot of things to be proud of and through therapy, I’m finally allowing myself to accept happiness. I’m finally realizing that I, too, deserve happiness and that once I find it, I am allowed to hold on to it. I’m so happy that people that are important to me are noticing this positive change in me.

Isn’t that a wonderful way to conclude a year?


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