Goals 2015

After my review of 2014, I’ve taken some time to think about 2015 and what I want to achieve. I’m generally not the type of person who feels like they have to turn their life around, just because of a date. Some of the goals are on-going goals I’ve been already working on for some time. However, I do like the idea of writing down a handful of projects to complete in 2015.


  1. Blog at least once a week. As I wrote in my review, one of my regrets for 2013 and early 2014 was that I had stopped blogging. I failed to record a major change in my life and by blogging at least once a week, I’m going to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.
  2. Take a picture a day in 2015. More specifically, take a picture of the outfit I leave the house in each day. This goal was inspired by a post I found on Mother Nature Network. I’ve been toying with the idea of a daily picture project for a while, but never really had a plan. Or then a theme behind said plan. I like the idea of taking a picture of my outfit each day because it’ll require me to think a bit more about what I wear instead of just putting on jeans every day.
  3. Save money and pay off my debt by the end of the year. As nice as my 2 month break was, it also required me to not only dip into my savings, but actually completely drain them and borrow money from my parents. I make a decent amount now, but in order to repay my debt and to rebuild savings, I need to be mindful about what I spend. I’ll start off by bringing lunch to work as often as I can and then limiting my expenses for clothes, books and other goodies as much as I can.


  1. Lose 3.7 kilos by the end of the year. The eternal goal. I’m not unhappy with my weight right now (68.7 kg this morning), but I’d love to lose just a little more. In an ideal world, I’d drop down to 62 kilos, which puts me at the top of a healthy BMI (if we disregard the fact that I’m working out a lot and that I’m fairly muscular), but I don’t want to get fixated on numbers too much. I have a bunch of clothes that I’d love to fit back into and I think getting down to 65 kg should be sufficient for that.


  1. Race at least twice this year. I’m currently on a running break and I enjoy focusing on CrossFit. However, I want to maintain some cardiovascular fitness. By racing, I will be forced to run regularly and hold on to that fitness. The ultimate goal will be to not drop back to a beginner’s level. I’m not going to run a marathon in 2015, but in 2016, I’d like to run the Rome Marathon. I don’t want to be totally underprepared as I start training in December 2015.
  2. Complete at least one long bike trip. Similar to the one around Lake Starnberg. One all-day bike trip.
  3. Practice my weaknesses at CrossFit at least twice a week. There are a bunch of very basic CrossFit movements that I can’t do, despite having been at the box for over a year. Most of the time, I’m too embarrassed to practice them because I think I look clumsy, because I’m scared people are looking and because I feel like I’m so far away from getting them right. Double unders, toes to bar, anything with a kip, pull-ups, handstand, just to name a few. But I know I’ll never get there if I’m always too embarrassed to practice. This has to stop. Twice a week. Either coming earlier to class or staying longer.

What are your goals for 2015?


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