What I Wore: Week 1 & 2

One of my goals for 2015 is both to blog regularly and to take a picture of my outfit every day. I figured weeks one and two of the year are a little too early to give up the projects already, so I’ve been consistent with picture taking. The result is below!

January 1: Thursday. Heading to the CrossFit box. Tights: Lululemon / Long-sleeved shirt: Lululemon / Jacket: Lululemon Obsession much?

January 2: Friday. Off to work! Tights: Burlington / Skirt: S. Oliver / T-shirt: S. Oliver / Sweater: Bench

January 3: Saturday, off to the CrossFit box again. Tights: Asics / Shirt: Tchibo

January 4: Sunday. CrossFit day! Tights: Nike / Shirt: Got it off Etsy somewhere (I DO realize I might be alone in my love for burpees.)

January 5: Monday. Work. Tights: Tchibo / Skirt: J. Crew / Sweater: J. Crew / Jacket: Uniqlo

January 6: Tuesday. It’s Epiphany, i. e. a public holiday in my part of Germany. Leaving the house only to go to the CrossFit box. Works for me. Tights: Nike / Tank: Off Etsy again

January 7: Wednesday. Work. Dress: Diane von Fürstenberg

January 8: Thursday. Work. Jeans: Gap / White shirt: S. Oliver / Cardigan: S. Oliver

January 9: Friday. Time for a too dark outfit for the picture to turn out decent. Jeans Dress: Gap / Sweater: Lululemon / Tights: Calzedonia (I think)

January 10: Saturday. Running out for groceries before heading to the box. Jeans: Gap / Sweater: Gap


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