A week in CrossFitting

My job kept me busy this week, despite or maybe because of a public holiday on Tuesday. It was a bit of a struggle to get my workouts in, but I’m proud that I managed to head to the box every day as planned, except for my scheduled rest day. [On the downside, eating wasn’t all that great this week because I ran out of groceries and since stores close at 8 pm here, it was either CrossFit or food. I miss the late store opening hours of New York!]

There’s generally a focus of the weekly programming. This week it was squats. Squats, squats, squats. In all variations. Front. Overhead. Thrusters. More Front. By the end of the week, my legs were super tired and I was looking forward to my rest day. My highlight was probably my OHS. It’s still weak and I don’t manage enough hold enough tension when I go down, but it’s already a lot better than my first tries.

I’ll be working on my weaknesses a bit more aggressively. Yesterday I practiced double-unders after the olympic lifting class. I used to be able to do about ten unbroken (with a single in between, but still all unbroken) and then somehow, I regressed to none. Yesterday, at least I got back to doing three unbroken. DUs. The eternal struggle.

Reebok had a sale the other day and despite having to save money (oops), I treated myself to a pair of Nanos and Lifters. (I got the Lifter Plus, which is no longer available, but this one’s comparable.) The Nanos were much needed because my old shoes were so, so wobbly. I probably didn’t need the Lifters because I’ve been wearing my coach’s Inov8 Fastlifts and could’ve continued doing so, but I really wanted my own pair. A friend recommended the Reebok Lifters and I decided to give them a try.

The Lifters felt different from the Inov8s, but when I wore them for the first time on Friday during Rahoi (12 Min AMRAP of 12 box jumps, 6 thrusters and 6 bar facing burpees), they proved their worth. I wondered how they’d feel during the box jumps and burpees, concerned they’d be heavy and inflexible, but they felt very light. It was a great workout.

I wore the Nanos for the first time yesterday, while practicing snatching technique and then DUs afterward. They too were really light and gave me a lot more stability than my old shoes. Overall, I’m super happy with my purchases. 🙂

[And I’m receiving some money back from my tax return, so yes, a little less guilty about buying them. ;o)]




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