What I wore: Week 3

I’ve pretty much spent the last week split between my bed, my desk and the CrossFit box, the only exception being the office party on Thursday evening. My brother came to visit on Friday evening and he just left this morning, so yes, it’s been busy.

Work is fun, even if it’s very much keeping me on my toes. CrossFit is fun too, especially this week since the focus of the week was cleaning and jerking. Two of my favorite lifts. I felt a lot more comfortable in my technique this week, especially when it came to the split jerk. I also felt strong during some of the WODs this week that included (hang) power cleans and box jumps. I missed two additional sessions on top of my rest day this week due to my brother being here. I was a bit bummed about that. I never seem to miss the workouts I dislike…

I hope I’ll have some time to write up a small post about my brother’s visit and the lovely restaurant we went to. In the meantime, have an update of the outfits of the week!

Sunday. Headed to the box. Tights: Asics // Bra: Lululemon // Top: Lululemon (the top is currently my fave because it’s so lightweight and flow-y)

Monday. Starting off the new work week. Jeans: Gap // T-shirt: Amplified

Tuesday. See-through for work. Thank God I work in advertising and can get away with this. Pants: Esprit // Bra: Gap // Shirt: Mexx

Wednesday. A little tamer today. Tights: Tchibo // Dress: Gap // I received a bunch of compliments on the dress. It’s super comfortable and bike friendly too.

Thursday. Client Meeting at work. Tights: Can’t remember // Dress: United Colors of Benetton // I call this my hooker dress because the bottom part is a stretchy mini, like Julia Roberts wears it in Pretty Woman.

Casual Friday. Jeans: Gap // Sweater: J. Crew

Saturday. Dinner time! Heading out to a fancy restaurant. Pants: Esprit // Top: s.Oliver // Cardigan: s.Oliver // Jewelry: Mexx

Sunday. My brother’s been in town the whole weekend. We’re bidding goodbye after a nice breakfast. Pants: Lululemon // T-shirt: S.Oliver // Sweater: Lululemon


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