What I wore: Week 4

Another week passed, another weekend gone and I barely manage to put together a blog post to say a bit more than “hey, I’m fine, just busy!”

This week has been really busy, leaving me feeling that all I did was rush to work, from work to CrossFit, from CrossFit back home to eat, sleep (too little) and then do it all again the next day. I missed my workout on Monday because I had a deadline that I just finished up as the CrossFit class I had registered for ended. I was a bit annoyed about that.

Training, at least, has been good this week. We did overhead squats and I felt a more stable and confident in my movement, even if the weight isn’t going up much. We also did a lot of pull-ups and even though I’m bad at them (and hate them), I’m glad they’re on the programming so much right now. There’s only one way to get better at them after all.

After the Olympic Lifting class on Saturday, I kept practicing a little bit for myself and I think I actually managed to string together 2 double-unders without the single jump I usually have to do in between. I also managed to kick up into handstand all by myself twice. For the first time ever! AND I PRed my deadlift by 5 kilos. Today then, we did the Chief (5 rounds of 3 Min AMRAP of 3 Power Cleans, 6 push-ups, 9 air squats with 1 minute rest in between each AMRAP). I’d done the workout before and I was really excited that despite using more weight than last time, I still got in more reps. YAY improvement! [I scaled, but I think, I scaled too much.]

And finally, before I schlepp myself to bed, have last week’s wears:

Monday. Back to work after spending the weekend with my brother. Pants: Esprit / Top: Mexx / Cardigan: Uniqlo / Necklace: inherited from my great-aunt / Bruises: CrossFit

Tuesday. Client meeting. I biked to work in a pencil skirt. Idiot idea which led me to destroying the tights. 😦 Skirt: s.Oliver (navy with lace, unfortunately it doesn’t come out well) / Tights: Burlington / Top: s:Oliver

Wednesday. Work. Jeans: Gap / Sweater: J.Crew

Thursday. Almost done with the work week. Tights: Tchibo / Dress: s.Oliver / Wrap: Athleta

Casual Friday. Work. Jeans: Gap / Shirt: Threadless / Sweatshirt: Lululemon

Saturday. Heading to the CrossFit box and dressing casual for dinner and drinks afterward. Tights: Lululemon (I wear these a lot) / T-shirt: Gap / Cardigan: Lululemon

Sunday. Headed to CrossFit. Tights: Asics / Shirt: Odlo


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