Dinner Party & What I Wore: Week 5

Last week can be summed up pretty much in 5 words: work, CrossFit, eat, sleep and avocados.

Wait, what, avocados?

After I spent the majority of the week working toward some really tight deadlines under immense pressure, while trying not to neglect my personal well-being too much, my highlight was going to be a dinner party I hosted yesterday. I invited a handful of friends over and cooked a little paleo menu for them. This was my first time ever cooking for that many people and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous!

I had planned out my meal and tried getting ahead of grocery shopping all week. Especially those damned avocados that needed to be super-ripe by Saturday. Considering I only got to buy them on Friday, I think things worked out ok. ;o) [I did spend a good amount of time trying to pick the ripest at the store. The checkout girl gave me a funny look, but yes, I really do want to buy 10 avocados.]

I did most of the shopping on Friday and only needed a handful more items on Saturday. Yet, I got up early, ran my errands and then got cooking.

This was my menu:


Rosemary crackers with guacamole and liver pâté



Zucchini caprese salad


Chocolate mousse with spicy pepitas

Most of my recipes were from Simone Miller’s wonderful Zenbelly Cookbook, my absolute fave right now. The zucchini salad and dessert was from Diane Sanfilippo’s book Practical Paleo.

Calm before the storm.

I like cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in my food.

That’s a lot of avocados.

That’s about all the pictures I managed to take. At one point, I was so in the flow, that I kept going without bothering to document the progress and final dishes. I only realized that after the food was all gone. Ooopsie!

The party itself was really lovely. I did a very basic table setting, nothing special, served water, beer and wine and then allowed myself to enjoy the company. I was a little nervous at first and wondered whether my food was liked, but it was mostly gone, so I’m assuming the answer was yes. My guests stayed for quite a while and because everybody knew everybody, we had a nice conversation going on. It was a fantastic evening and my only regret is the lack of pictures.

The recipes themselves turned out great. The crackers were a little too crumbly (the egg wasn’t big enough), but everything else was lovely. I was a bit skeptical about the chocolate mousse which was avocado and banana based. It did not taste like avocado at all. It was super-creamy and certainly not lacking dairy. The pepitas were a stopgap because I couldn’t find cocoa nibs at the store, but they worked very nicely! They added a nice crunch and since the guacamole and chili had already been spicy, they went well with the theme for the evening.

Overall, the evening was a great success!

Before I head off to bed, have last week’s wears:

Blurry picture is blurry. Monday, back at work. No idea why this pic turned out so blurry. And red for that matter. Tights: Burlington // Skirt: s.Oliver // Sweater: Lululemon

Tuesday. Work day. Tights: can’t remember // Dress: s.Oliver

Wednesday. Work, work, work. It’s a busy week. Jeans: Gap // Shirt: Gap // Sweater: s.Oliver (I hadn’t worn this in a very long time!)

Thursday. Pants: Esprit // T-shirt: Threadless // Sweater: s.Oliver

Hooray! It’s Friday! Jeans: Gap // Sweater: Gap

Saturday. I’m throwing a little dinner party for friends. I first wanted to wear a skirt with the top, but then changed into jeans because I was worried I was overdressed. Jeans: Gap // Shirt: s.Oliver (I wear this a lot. Brilliant purchase!)

Sunday. Headed to CrossFit in a bit. I look very bloated today. Ugh. Tights: North Face // Shirt: Asics (I bought this when I ran the NY Marathon in 2013.)


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