What I Wore: Weeks 6 & 7

During the last two weeks, I already managed to break two new year’s resolutions: I failed to post last week and I also forgot to take a daily outfit picture. Ooops. February. That didn’t take long. ;o) To my defense, the last two weeks have been intense. So busy at work that I had troubles fitting in my CrossFit class. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, I can hear you gasp. My holy CrossFit class. Yes, it was this bad.

Nice things too did happen. I visited my family last weekend to celebrate my granny’s 81st birthday with them. I got a haircut and I’ve had some nice successes at CrossFit.

Weekly wears:

February 2. Monday. Off to start the work week. Jeans: Gap // Wifebeater: Gap // Shirt: Gap (yes, there are cats on the shirt)

February 3. Tuesday. Off to therapy before work. I haven’t seen my shrink since November. It’s time I’m getting a session in. Jeans: Gap // T-Shirt: Threadless // Hoodie: Bench

February 4. Wednesday. Work. It needs to be casual. Jeans: Gap // Undershirt: Gap // Sweater: Gap // I’m starting to realize that I have a lot of clothes from the Gap.

February 5. Thursday. In need of something comfortable again. Jeans: Gap // T-Shirt: Gap // Cardigan: Ga- nope, actually not. It’s from s.Oliver

February 6. Friday. Off to work and then taking a bus to spend the weekend with my family. We’re celebrating granny’s birthday. Tights: Burlington // Dress: s.Oliver

February 7. Saturday. Have arrived at my parents’ and am just headed out to get my hair cut. Hooray! Pants: Lululemon // T-Shirt: Threadless // Cardigan: Gap

February 8: Sunday. Getting ready for granny’s birthday. Same outfit as on Friday when I came down to my parents’. Tights: Burlington // Dress: s.Oliver

February 9. Monday. Crack o’ Dawn. I must’ve taken this some time between 5:30 – 6:00 as I’m getting ready to head to a CrossFit class. Generally, I go at night, but after being away for the weekend and needing to grocery shop at night, I chose to go in the morning. Good thing you can’t see my face. Tights: Lululemon // Top: Lululemon

February 11. Tuesday, I actually forget to take a picture. And now that I’m typing this, I have to admit I can’t even remember what I wore. A dress maybe? Anyway, Wednesday. The day after an almost-nighter the day before. I worked very long hours on Tuesday, resulting in only about 4 hours of sleep. Trying to look fresh for a client meeting. Pants: Esprit (I wanted to bike, otherwise I would’ve worn a skirt) // Top: s.Oliver // Cardigan: s.Oliver

February 12. Thursday. Despite not drinking, I feel hungover. I’ve been bloated for a few days and feel uncomfortable in my own skin. This is my I-want-to-hide-my-body-from-the-world sweater. The picture itself doesn’t want to be taken either. Blurry as hell. At least no retouching in PS. Undershirt: Gap // Sweater: Gap // Pants: Gap

February 13. Friday. Finally. Off to work. Still feeling bloated and too fat. Tights: Burlington // Dress: Marco Polo

February 14. Saturday. Headed off to the Mobility Class at CrossFit. Afterwards dinner with friends. No Valentine in sight. Tights: Nike // Top: Lululemon

February 15. Sunday. Ooops. Forgot to take a picture again and was already too comfortable in my PJs to change back into sweaty, cold workout clothes. Hence, a pic of the outfit without me in it. Tights: Asics // Bra: Lululemon // Shirt: Lululemon


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