What I Wore: Week 8

Last week was another really busy week that peaked in two important client meetings on Thursday and Friday. Both meetings were intense in preparation, but the hard work paid off. They went extremely well.

I have a half-written post about CrossFit sitting in my drafts folder, which is fairly telling. My week consisted of Work and CrossFit. Despite working so many hours, I’m proud that I managed to motivate myself to head to the box almost every night this week, except for once. I did pay a high price for skipping on Tuesday: I would have loved the WOD. That’s what you get for being a slacker. ;o)

My weekend, at least, was wonderful. I’ve been struggling the last two weeks with a bit of a weight gain, due to poor planning. I generally felt that some of the control over my life was slipping away from me. But this weekend, I invested the time to organize myself, plan ahead and get in some quality time, spent with friends. While weekends are – as always – way too short, I’ll be heading to bed shortly with a feeling of satisfaction. I cooked up a storm yesterday and today: I made shepherd’s pie, zucchini salad, roasted beets, cooked a whole chicken, made cauliflower “hummus” and puree and cut up zucchini for quick zucchini noodles for the entire week. I had a great session at the olympic lifting course yesterday and felt like I’m getting somewhere with my cleans and overhead squats.

Here’s what I wore this week:

February 16. Monday: I think I took this picture at night, after I came home from a night out with friends. Jeans: Gap // Shirt: Threadless // Cardigan: Uniqlo

February 17. Tuesday: Feeling uncomfortable and bloated. Off to work. Tights: Tchibo // Dress: s.Oliver // Cardigan: Athleta

February 18. Wednesday: Feeling even worse. I’ve recently gained some weight and don’t feel comfortable in my skin. My digestion is totally out of whack this week. Pants: Esprit // Sweater: Gap (i. e. the I-don’t-feel-well sweater that I can hide in)

February 19. Thursday: Funny combination before heading to work. I’ll be wearing a mini skirt to a client meeting that day, but it’s so short that biking with it is simply not possible. Instead… Tights: Nike (then worn later for my workout) // Blouse: Banana Republic // Cardigan: Uniqlo

February 20. Friday: Instead of casual Friday, it’s another client meeting and another one of these days that call for something flowey. Pants: Esprit // Top: Oasis

February 21. Saturday: Headed to the Olympic Lifting class at CrossFit. We’re meeting up after class to support one of our coaches at a lifting competition, hence, dress clothes are required. Tights: Burlington // Skirt: s.Oliver // Shirt: Threadless // Cardigan: s.Oliver

February 22. Sunday: Off to CrossFit. This is what 72 kg looks like. 😦 Tights: Nike // Shirt: American Apparel (bought at a guest training session at CrossFit SanFrancisco)


2 thoughts on “What I Wore: Week 8

    • Thanks so much. That’s very kind of you. 🙂 I think it’s the old image that so many women grow up with. The skinnier, thinner, lighter, the better. Coming from a history of eating disorder, I sometimes still have issues shaking off old thoughts. Meh.

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