What I Wore: Week 9 – 11

If I’ve been inconsistent with posting my weekly wears, at least I’ve been consistent with taking pictures. Here, have a recap of the last few weeks.

February 23. Monday. Starting off the work week. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and my weight gain, so I’m making an effort to dress up. // Tights: can’t remember / Skirt: Banana Republic (trying not to feel bad when I remember how this used to fall off my hips. Now it barely zips) / Blouse: J. Crew

February 24. Tuesday. I need something casual for work. Pants: Lululemon (yes, I’m wearing yoga pants to work) // T-shirt: J. Crew // Sweater: Bench


February 25. Wednesday. I’m having a client meeting. I received a lot of compliments on this dress. It’s uncomfy as fuck. ;o) Dress: s.Oliver // Tights: can’t remember

February 26. Thursday. I’m really bloated. To the point where it’s painful. Ouch. Jeans: Gap // Shirt: J. Crew // Caridgan: Uniqlo

February 27. Friday. Finally. My bloating is getting even worse and I can’t resist the temptation to wear the baggiest pullover I have. I’ve had to wear this a lot recently. Jeans: Gap // Wifebeater: Gap // Pullover: Gap

February 28. Saturday. A mindless outfit as I run some errands. Jeans: Gap // Pullover: Gap

March 1. Sunday. Off to the CrossFit box. It’s the first week of the CrossFit Games Open and this is my first year competing. I’m nervous. Tights: North Face // Shirt: Asics

March 2. I went shopping during the weekend, trying to get over the fact that I’ve gained weight and that my body has been changing through hitting the iron so much. Instead of lamenting that I no longer fit into my size 2 clothes, I’ll be gradually replacing my wardrobe. It’s Monday, I’m wearing the first new items. Tights: Max Mara // Skirt: Esprit // Sweater: Esprit

March 3. Tuesday. Work. Leggings: Esprit // Sweater: Banana Republic

March 4. Wednesday. Work. My supervisor wore pants like these the other day and I absolutely loved them. When I saw a bunch of similar ones at the store last weekend, I just had to buy them. Pants: Esprit (super comfy!) // Shirt: Amplified // Sweater: Lululemon

March 5. Thursday. Work. Pants: Esprit // Top: Oasis (I should’ve ironed this O.o) // Jacket: Dolce & Gabbana (I bought this over 10 years ago when I was still in high school. It cost a fortune back in the day, but boy, this has been worn a lot.)

March 6. Friday. Work. Yay! Weekend. Tights: Burlington // Skirt: s.Oliver // Tank: Gap // Shirt: Anthropologie

March 7. Saturday. Headed out to run some errands. It’s lovely outside today. Jeans: Gap // T-shirt: Amplified // Sweater: Lululemon

March 8. Sunday. I’m headed off to CrossFit and afterward, I’m seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Deutsches Theater in Munich. I’ve never seen the show live. It was blissful! (The CrossFit workout not so much.) Pants: Esprit // Top: Mexx // Cardigan: s.Oliver

March 9. Monday. Back to work. Yes, I’m wearing exactly the same outfit again. Pants: Esprit // Top: Mexx // Cardigan: s.Oliver

March 10. Tuesday. Client meeting at work. Tights: No name // Dress: Marco Polo

March 11. Wednesday. After yesterday’s client meeting, I’m in the mood for casual. Pants: Esprit // Sweater: Lululemon

March 12. Thursday. Another casual day at work, just because I can. Jeans: Gap // T-Shirt: Madewell // Sweater: Lululemon

March 13. Friday. Instead of casual Friday, I have another client meeting. Dressing up required. Skirt: Esprit // Top: Mexx (I’ve worn this a lot this week. Oops.) // Cardigan: Uniqlo // Scarf: Made by a friend [I had some pretty nasty bruises from CrossFit that I had to hide.]

March 14. Saturday. Off to one hour of mobility class at CrossFit. Feeling good about my looks today. Tights: Nike // Shirt: Etsy

March 15. Sunday. It’s the third week of the CrossFit Games Open. Headed to the box to do my weekly duties. Tights: Asics // Top: American Apparel from CrossFit San Francisco


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