Diving into the world of beauty

I’m not a girly girl. I have to admit. I’ll wear skirts and dresses, but I honestly don’t care much for make-up or a lengthy morning or bedtime beauty routine. I probably should, but I just find it impractical and so time consuming that I never do it. Sad as it is, my bedtime routine consists of brushing my teeth. C’est ça.

But when I’m offered free treatment, I’m not gonna say no. As silly as it makes me feel. 😉

One of the perks of working in media (it doesn’t just have downsides!) is that occasionally, we’re invited to cool events through our business partners, like parties, dinners, sporting events, movie premiers or beauty events. Last night, me and a bunch of my colleagues spent the evening at Beauty Style, where, after a small snack, we learned about skin and the importance of skincare. We also learned about what you should look for when you buy cosmetics, which ingredients to avoid and which products you should use and how often. The owner of the store sounded a bit like a teacher or a cult leader at times, but overall, it was a fun event and the treatment lovely.

Before we started our own treatment, we got to enjoy these amazing hats to cover our hair. This alone made the whole thing worth it:



The ladies were clearly digging it!


We then received a bunch of equipment to get started. I had no idea what we were doing. Thankfully, we were instructed by the cosmeticians. Clean first. Eyes and face. Tonic (not the stuff you drink – where’s the gin, by the way? but the stuff you put on your face). Peeling. Wash off. More tonic. Mask. Let it sit on your face forever. In the meantime, hand peeling. Wash off. More tonic. Minerals. Cream. Then, more cream. This time for the hands.

One thing our cosmetician couldn’t stop stressing was the importance of tonic. Otherwise, none of the creams you put on your face will actually enter your skin. Peel, but don’t peel too often. It’s fine if it starts itching a bit. Your skin is working. A-ha. (Insert skeptical noise here.)

As someone who doesn’t care much for these things, I was more amused by this whole event and how seriously some women take cosmetics. To me, it was all about being a dork for a couple of hours (it was a couple of hours, I think we left around 9 pm, after getting there at 6:30 pm) and doing silly things. Like this:



(Separated at birth: La Muerte vs. Me – I’ve actually been considering getting another tattoo, a sleeve either featuring La Muerte or a lion. But that’s another post for another day.)

Anyway… my skin does feel a little softer now and I feel like I look at least 10 years younger. 😉


2 thoughts on “Diving into the world of beauty

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