10 things that made me happy last week

Following last week’s post, here are the 10 things that made me happy during the last week:

  • I made some improvement on my handstand push-up on Monday. I still need to do them onto plates because I’m not strong enough for full range of motion, but I’ve managed to decrease the amount of plates I need for 3 reps (strict). (In case you don’t know what a handstand push-up is, they’re just as awful as they sound.) I’ve also finally figured out the kip and did my first kipping hspus. Given for how long it took me to learn how to kick into a handstand, this is exciting! (I’m extremely uncomfortable being upside down, in fact, each time I kick up into handstand, it usually takes me one or two failed attempts until my head remembers that my arms and shoulders are strong enough to support my weight and I will not fall on my head and hurt myself.)
  • I received a lovely compliment on my outfit from a stranger on Monday. I was trying to drive past Königsplatz, a big square near the office that I need to cross when I bike to the box. It’s often closed in the summer for open air events, but going around is such a hassle. So I approached the security guy and asked if he’d let me through if I pushed my bike. He then complimented me on my jumpsuit (in that non-creepy way) and opened the gate for me to pass.
  • I’ll be spending the first weekend of August with some of my CrossFit friends in Prague and we’re currently finalizing plans. It’s an all-girls’ trip. I’ve never been to Prague and as the trip takes shape, I’m excited for a getaway weekend with my favorite ladies, full of spa treatments, working out and good food.
  • Tuesday night’s publisher event. It was epic.
  • It’s been a little quieter at work this week (and the last weeks). It’s nice to be able to leave the office somewhat on time and be able to workout an hour earlier in the night than I usually do.
  • I spotted a hedgehog in Olympiapark on Wednesday. You obviously don’t see those often in big cities. When I told one of my colleagues about it, he mentioned a website by the BR (Bavarian radio broadcast) and LBV (an environmental conversation group) where you can submit your sightings and then scientists will conduct a study about the health of hedgehog populations in Bavaria. I submitted my sighting and spent a good amount of time going through the data on the website and learning more about hedgehogs. Unfortunately, it’s only in German, but you can visit Igel-in-Bayern here.
  • On Friday, I even spotted another one!
  • The barista at work drew me a heart on Friday.
  • I did my first ever CrossFit workout with pull-ups using just the thin, red band for assistance. The pull-up is my biggest frenemy and progress on it is sloooooooow. But I’m making progress. We did a 10 minute AMRAP of 1 pull-up, 2 push-ups and 3 air squats. During warm-up, I try using as little band as possible to keep challenging myself and work toward building strength. But during the workout, I don’t think my coaches would appreciate it if I took three times as long as everyone else to complete a For Time workout. So I use a little stronger band that’s still challenging. Earlier this week, there was not going to be any bad outcome if I used the lightest band possible. All that was gonna happen was less rounds for me and a hell lot of pride!
  • Good conversations. That’s all I can cryptically say at this point, but I started into the weekend with a good, productive work-related conversation that leaves me hopeful for the future. I see a light at the end of the tunnel and a very positive change ahead of me.
  • I had another great workout on Friday. We did 30 rounds for time of 5 wallballs, 3 push-ups and 1 heavy power clean. I didn’t think I could complete it with the RXed weight within the timecap of 35 minutes, but I did. And I was superstoked!
  • My dirndl still fits. We have a work event mid-August and we’re invited to come in Tracht, i. e. traditional clothing like a dirndl or lederhosen. I put on some weight and since a dirndl is supposed to sit tight, I was concerned it would be too tight. Thankfully, it’s just tight.
  • I called my telephone provider to ask about additional perks. I’m currently with Telekom for both mobile and internet/landline and in the past, they had offered an additional discount if you got all of their services. Turns out there’s no discount anymore but they give you a free data stick for surfing with your laptop/tablet on the go (usually 10€ monthly fee), an additional flat rate when making calls with your landline, LTE prioritization for your mobile (5€ monthly fee) and finally, next day delivery if you ever need your cell to be replaced. All of that. For free. That’s pretty sweet.
  • I texted a friend I made during my stay at the rehab facility. I hadn’t spoken to her in a while, mostly because I’m sometimes horrible at getting back to people I don’t see every day. I’m awful at responding. With her, I hadn’t responded in a long time. To the point where I was so guilty that I was scared she’d be mad at me. But I texted her and her response was the sweetest.

Definitely more than 10 things that made me happy, eh? It’s been a rather good week.


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