10 things that made me happy last week

So, I might love this little tradition I started: thinking positive and reminding myself of the good things in life. Here are my 10 moments of happiness from last week:

  • We had a new colleague start on Monday. She’ll play a crucial part in helping us get organized and more structured on the biggest client I work on. A little bit of stability will do us good. But what’s really great is that she’s sharing the office with me (no more sitting there all by myself) and that she happens to be super nice.
  • I received a sweet compliment on the tank top I was wearing for my workout on Monday. ❤
  • I had a conversation with one of my friends and coaches on Monday night and as we were talking about workouts, pull-ups (in particular) and how I seem to be the only one in my group of friends at the box (I exaggerate, but only slightly), who has not completed the requirements for admission to the more advanced level 2 of CrossFit, I caught myself thinking, that maybe I actually don’t need to lose weight and that maybe it would just be easier to accept myself the way I am, including my current weight and imperfections. Instead of stressing over losing weight, maybe I should focus on building strength. Maybe I’m perfectly fine, acceptable and lovable the way I am. (Background info: we have a list of requirements that you need to fulfill if you want to move up to the more advanced class. A lot of requirements are bodyweight-related, i. e. back squat your bodyweight x times. The heavier you are, obviously, the higher your lift numbers need to be. I could probably currently only do the overhead squat and back squat. Maybe the power clean on a good day.)
  • I had another conversation that affirmed me in a recent, important decision I made.
  • More trip-planning anticipation. On top of last weekend’s trip to Prague, I’m headed to Lake Garda the upcoming week to spend some time there with my BFFs over my birthday.
  • Speaking of: PRAGUE! I just returned from an all-girls-weekend in Prague that was full of shenanigans. There were 8 of us. We shared a beautiful apartment, took a great CrossFit class (hello cute coach!), went to the SPA and pole-danced. And we laughed. So much it hurt. ❤ [More to come in a couple of days.]
  • I had a client meeting on Thursday that went really well. At least the part I presented. We had good, productive discussions and I felt confident in my presenting.
  • Also on Thursday, we had several good chuckles at work during an internal meeting where we look at some performance data which we present to the client the next day. One of the girls accidentally called one product by the wrong name (a video game). She said something ridiculous, but none of us other girls noticed, we just nodded our heads, whereas the only guy in the room was up in arms about it. It was pretty hilarious.
  • I know I’m being cared for. I know there are people who give an honest shit about my well-being and who are ready to be there for me when I need them.
  • I squeezed in a quick load of laundry as I got home tonight. As it’s hanging to dry in my bedroom, my bedroom smells all yummy and fresh.

I get to go to sleep now. More thoughts on our lovely trip to Prague some time this week, once I’ve had the chance to order my thoughts and the pictures on my camera.


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