10 things that made me happy last week

The last week was busy at work, so I haven’t done the best job at documenting my 10 things  as they happened during the week. Let’s see whether I can remember some moments of happiness.

  • I received some news on Monday that I rather would not have received. Despite being stressed and upset, I did not eat my feelings and dive head-first into cake or chocolate. Instead I acknowledged my feelings for what they were and just let them be.
  • I made it through a really crappy WOD on Tuesday. It was a WOD with double unders. Double unders and I are not friends right now. I’m not great at them, but generally, I can string a few together. Not so on Tuesday. I refused to do the WOD anything but RXed, sucked it up and finished. Even if it took me longer than everybody else. It was great once it was over.
  • I received a handful of compliments on Thursday, when I was wearing my dirndl for a work event. I was glad once I finally got to take off said dirndl. I think dirndls are stunning and make women of every body type look fabulous. But wearing something for hours that pretty much cuts off all the air you need to breathe? Ugh, no.
  • Said work event. We have an annual company outing where part of our company is headed to one of the nearby lakes for a boat tour. We have an entire cruise ship to ourselves, we eat and drink, we dance and party. This year, we headed to Lake Starnberg and it was mad fun.
  • The day after, I was headed with my friends Sylvie and Dirk to Lake Garda in Italy to spend my birthday weekend.  The nasty weather in Munich on Friday made me even happier because I was to get plenty of Italian sunshine.
  • I swam in the Lago di Garda. The water was just the right temperature and so crystal clear.
  • It was my birthday last week and it was lovely. We spent the day sightseeing in Sirmione, where we stayed, drank adult beverages, squeezed in a quick WOD and then had a lovely steak dinner. Lots of people sent me birthday wishes and I generally felt very blessed and loved.
  • Italian ice cream. And wine. And pizza. And pasta. I really do love food. What can I say.
  • I brushed off some Italian and managed at least to order at the restaurant. My Italian sucks, but not having spoken for over 10 years, I was proud by how well I got along.
  • On our way home from Lake Garda, we stopped at some friends’ CrossFit box in Kolsass, Austria, for a WOD, some catching up, lots of laughing, some Ben & Jerry’s. We were greeted with open arms and such warmness. It was wonderful.

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