Meating at the Grill

Summer sure is ending busy!

August always tends to be a month full of things to do for me. With my birthday, with trips and with colleagues on vacation (which mostly means the same amount of work, less people to cover it), there always seems to be a shortage of time. Since my last post two weeks ago, where I talked about my trip to Lake Garda, I’ve visited my parents, hosted friends for a BBQ, made it through 3 important client meetings (one of which was an all-day meeting that I hosted) and somehow magically found time to train. Yesterday was finally the tipping point. I was so exhausted, I barely could see straight.

September will continue keeping me on my toes with my industry’s biggest trade fair coming up, the start of Oktoberfest and a half marathon that I’m very undertrained for. But September will also mean the beginning of a two week vacation and the implementation of a big change at work that I’m excited about.

The highlight of this past week was an event that I was invited to through a business partner. Weber is one of the leading grill/BBQ manufacturers in Germany. All over the country, they offer BBQ courses where you learn everything about BBQing. The courses are hands on: you get to help preparing the food that you then enjoy together.

Our course was held at Ziemann’s Kochschule in the Stachus area of Munich. Imho, the Stachus isn’t necessarily the nicest area of town, so I was totally surprised what a lovely location this was. A true gem I wouldn’t have expected!

When we arrived there, we were welcomed with a lovely aperitif and then invited to step outside and mingle. Most of the attendees were from my company, so it was nice and easy conversation. In the courtyard we found a small army of grills, from electric to gas to charcoal, in different shapes and sizes. Weber grills aren’t cheap – all that equipment was probably worth several thousand euros! I was extremely envious!

Our seminar was then led by a fun guy called Georg. He was a professional chef who had specialized in BBQing. Over the course of the next 4 – 5 hours he taught us all about BBQing, about the pros and cons of different methods, direct and indirect heat and gave us lots of practical tips. He was tongue in cheek and a pleasure to listen to.

I also learned that everything that’s less than 400 grams cannot be called a steak. It’s merely a started. 😉

We then moved inside to get prepping our food. Obviously, they had plenty of Weber products on display. I wanted to buy them all.

We had already grilled some pizza as a started and then went on to prepare some more courses: salmon fig toast, then pasta (the tomato sauce was prepared on a wok on the grill), before we eventually moved on to the meats. Steak and then beer can chicken.

The steak was spectacular! What surprised me the most though was the chicken. I knew you could grill entire chickens, but I was surprised by how tender it was! I’m not a big fan of poultry and generally prefer red meat because I find poultry too dry. But this chicken! Even the breast was delicious and juicy. It was a dream!

After we had all the starters, we moved inside to get seated for the main course.

Our main course then was pork shoulder with potatoes, grilled romaine lettuce and sour cream. Even our almond apricot cake came from the grill. It was a lovely evening and a fun event. I was surprised just how versatile a grill can be. I’ll definitely have to repeat a seminar like this.


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